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Pumpkin Art At The Red Caboose


A few years ago, I posted about this Pumpkin Craft….and to this day it has been pinned over 600 times!  Needless to say, those thumbtack pumpkins back in 2011 were a huge hit……and continue to be so today.

Well, my dear friend Carrie and I collaborated on another seasonal theme for my coffee shop, Red Caboose. Im actually really behind on blogging our last few collaborations, but still plan to show you our work here real soon. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside Carrie….dreaming up ideas and seeing it all come to fruition by way of late night installations. Always a good time. Always.

Keep It Simple. This seems to be my goal each season [and I really do believe that my employees say a little prayer for simplicity as well!]. Carrie and I both loved the concept of using upholstery tacks on pumpkins and thought of making a cute phrase for the fireplace mantle. We decided “WE LOVE COFFEE” would be perfect and oh so appropriate, being that we proudly serve Stumptown Coffee.

For this project we used pumpkins, upholstery tacks and thumbtacks (purchased at Home Depot), glitter and paint. Oh, and a hammer just in case some are little more tough to push in.

I free handed the lettering and Carrie just started with an outline of the heart and then filled it in….she used over 200 thumbtacks for the heart!

After the tacks were set in place we painted the stems with our favorite Martha Stewart paint and added glitter before it all dried. These glittery stems are my favorite!

Using upholstery tacks and thumbtacks has become one of my favorite ways to decorate pumpkins. The possibilities really are endless!


My friends Darci & Arden of Beargrass Gardens surprised me with a beautiful illustrated, decoupaged and painted pumpkin, which I included below. It sits on our coffee bar. A sweet little glittery deer on a pumpkin? Yes, please!

We also used a pumpkin as a menu board, to display our Fall drinks.

Enjoy a peek inside our cafe…..and a few faces of our amazing baristas!

Happy Fall Y’all! xoxo





Red Caboose TSHIRTS!


I haven’t been that great about blogging a huge part of life, which is the adorable frozen yogurt + coffee shop that my husband and I own and operate. CRAZY, huh?! Well, heres to sharing more about the Red Caboose…..

For the first time ever [I know, crazy!] we printed Red Caboose Tshirts! We collaborated with Tyler Thorney on the art and had the privilege of working with Seneca Press as our printer. I absolutely love how these turned out. We printed on the softest American Apparel tee I could find. It’s perfect.

If you’re not local, but you’re interested in purchasing a tee…..EMAIL US: hello at red caboose frozen yogurt dot com
I’ll ship one of these out to you ASAP! Only a few sizes left in each size….so don’t miss out, we won’t be printing more tshirts till after the new year. You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

I grabbed a few of our staff for a quick photoshoot out behind our shop….we seriously have a great team. I mean, how adorable are these baristas?!?



// Photos edited with The Lightroom Collection by my friends over at A Beautiful Mess

Christmas Time At The Red Caboose

One thing that I love about having a brick and mortar shop is dreaming up ideas and decorating for the winter and summer seasons. We don’t have large windows gracing our entrance so we’ve got a small storefront space to work with, but the real magic happens inside!

My dear friend, Carrie helped me put together our “Winter Theme.” Being that winters are pretty long here, I don’t create a heavy “Christmas” theme because I like to keep things up for the entire season. However, we always have a bit of Jesus gracing the walls….always.

JOY TO THE WORLD. This is our anthem this year. Details included marquee lights, map paper and a few many many many strands of marshmallows and cotton balls. It was simple, but definitely labor intensive. I have the best team ever…..and they did a fantastic job hanging lights and executing quite a few DIY projects for me. I love how creative our staff is….it’s kinda becoming a pre-requisite for employment….must love coffee and have a knack for DIY’s!

Here’s a peek inside the Red Caboose……and if you’re ever in town, please let me know! I’d love to say HELLO to you! I seriously love getting to meet fellow bloggers and Instagrammers who visit Whitefish!


Portland Adventure

Last month we drove to Portland, Oregon for another coffee training at Stumptown Coffee headquarters. This time we brought Chelsea [one of our fine baristas] along with us. The last time we were there, Ezra was just 3 months old….so it was fun to adventure the city with our curious little man this time around.

Our trip also included a super windy day at Canon Beach. The view was spectacular, but we’ll definitely have to visit again on a more calm day…..sand was flying around everywhere and we almost lost Ezra’s stroller with him in it- as the wind pushed him down the beach! Yikes!

Oh I love Portland…..such beautiful scenery, creative people, so much good food and fabulous coffee, of course. A few of our favorite stops included Salt&Straw and Goorin Hat Co.

I actually left my camera at home, but thankfully we were staying with a photographer friend, who was kind enough to let me take her camera out for a few days. Here are a few details from our trip….including a rare portrait of just Reed & I [iPhone photo, yes….but we are finally in a photo together].



Stumptown Coffee

Last month we drove out to Portland, Oregon for another coffee training at Stumptown Coffee headquarters. This time we brought Chelsea, one of our Red Caboose baristas with us…..our minds were exploding with so much goodness.

I absolutely love Stumptown. Not only is their coffee arguably one of the tops in the industry, but everyone who is involved within the company is super legit. Super nice. So accommodating. Very Knowledgeable. Like Family. Being that we are in a completely different state than our coffee roaster- its incredible to have the relationships that we do with them. Stumptown cares. They genuinely care about people…..and this is why I love them dearly and stand behind their product with all my heart. It really is an honor to be partnered with them.

Another thing that I love about Stumptown is how hands on they are. They know their farmers. Every aspect of their process is handled and touched by a human being. I love meeting the faces that work in the roastery and pack up our weekly shipments of beans. It’s awesome.

Stumptown has a reason to be proud of what they have created, however they are not prideful or have an arrogance about them. This was Chelseas take-away from the weekend. There’s some super snob-y coffee folks out there [even in our small community] and its really refreshing to be around people doing great things, without the attitude.

Ezra loved his time at headquarters as well! The last time he was there with us- he was only 3 months old…this time we has hanging out like he owned the place! I love that we get to do this as a family….

Reed and I have decided that a trip to Portland once a year is something we’d love to do…..and that means that we get to swing by headquarters and soak up more knowledge from the fine folks at Stumptown…

Here’s a peak into our Stumptown Coffee adventure…..

OH! Did I mention that we had the opportunity to meet the founder of Stumptown? Yea, super awesome to meet Mr. Duane Sorenson. Read his latest article in Bon Appétit!