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April Desktop + Wallpaper

LOVE…..never gives up.

These words are so powerful and carry so much weight and worth.

As a mom, I am often reminded of Gods love for me….especially when I’m caught in a moment of reflecting on my own love for my son. My love for him runs so deep….sometimes I wonder if I could love another baby like I love him. I know our hearts were made for love, but it’s overwhelming how much love we are capable of. Capable of knowing and capable of experiencing.

Life is hard. Life hurts sometimes. Pain is unavoidable. However, we have a God with an amazing love that NEVER NEVER EVER gives up on us.

Love never gives up. Love is kind & patient, it’s not arrogant or rude or resentful. Love has no pride. Love never thinks of itself. Love takes everything that comes without giving up. Love believes all things. Love hopes for all things. And the best news is that love never comes to an end.

So, knowing all the amazing facets of love, I can’t help but think how vital a role we have as mothers, wives & friends to lead a life of love. Loving people well is the single most important thing we can do – daily. We all want to be known for how well we loved our children, spouse, family & friends but sadly we miss the mark some days. We get lost in the noise & fail to see the beauty & goodness in the everyday. We’re human. We’re not perfect but those mistakes sharpen us & refine us to become the people we long to be.

As the beautiful Shauna Niequist stated at Hope Spoken conference, we must lay down the busy to pursue the way of love. What in your life do you need to lay down so you can pursue a life of great love? Because a life of great love is a beautiful story.

I want a beautiful story. You want a beautiful story. So, let’s refuse to give up. Love never gives up.

Happy Easter month, my friends!

- a monthly collaboration with Thorn + Sparrow

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March Wallpaper!

I love the woods and I love the forrest.

It’s not just one thing that makes those places magical, but the atmosphere….the combination of what we see and what we smell. Its the textures….the moss, the flowers and the trees.

This quote really resonates with me this month….as a creative, as a wife and as mother. It’s easy to focus on the big stuff- but it’s the effort we put into the small, day to day and even mundane tasks…that makes the biggest impact. Our attention, our intentionality our thoughtfulness….

I’ve been wanting to scale back on a few things this year….so that I can really pour my heart into the things that are right in front of me- this is my marriage, this is my son, this is our cafe, this is in leading worship at my church ect….Our efforts have a bigger impact than we may ever know….and thats the exciting part!

I’m an advocate for dreaming big, but let this be an encouragement to you that the smallest of things matter….and play an important role in the big stuff down the road.

Be encouraged my friends! XO

// a collaboration with Thorn+Sparrow.

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Winter Sorbet

Photo Mar 02, 11 23 46 PMIMG_8546IMG_8433IMG_8492IMG_8542IMG_8445

It’s full on winter here in Whitefish, MT…..but a palette of sorbet hues have us longing for Springtime.

I absolutely love collaborating….and last month I had the pleasure of working with Darci of Beargrass Gardens [Event Stylist and Floral Studio]. Our vision and ideas came together so seamlessly….we spoke the same language…and collaborations like this are so special and so much fun.

We’ve got a few more ideas up our sleeve….and I can’t wait to show you what we create next!

Photography | ©2014 Kelli Trontel
Styling & Floral | Beargrass Gardens
Hair & Make-up | Fab Salon

February Desktop + iPhone Download

Did you really think that this series was gone forever and not coming back in 2014? I wouldn’t blame you. It definitely looked like it there for a minute…

I seriously love this monthly series so much….Ashley and I discussed whether or not we would continue this on into 2014 and we both agreed that this series was really special to us and that we wanted to continue to collaborate and create these encouraging downloads for you [and us] each month.

The New Year kicked off and we were [as we should be] busy enjoying the holidays with our families and friends. And all of a sudden….it’s February! Yikes!

Ashley and I were committed to launching our series back up again this month. We really felt a burden to just tell each and every one of you that YOU ARE LOVED and that YOU ARE LOVELY. YOU ARE OF WORTH AND OF VALUE.

There’s so much emphasis put on “Valentines Day” and for some….it’s a hurtful reminder of singleness or loneliness. Whatever your mood may be….I encourage you today to look in the mirror and try really hard to wrap your mind around the way God sees you. His love is so great for you. We are not average, common, run of the mill women. We are set apart. BELIEVE THIS!

I hope you enjoy this months download…and I pray that each time you glance at your phone or your computer screen- that you are reminded of Gods love for you. This is Him saying to you…I love you oh so much. He really does.

As always, please feel free to share this blog post with anyone and everyone! We love seeing this series float around the internet…touching and encouraging lives.


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Published | Hearth Magazine

With any photoshoot- there’s always favorites that don’t make the final cut….or never enough pages to feature all the good stuff! So, Im going to share my favorite images from the “Evening Splendor In The Montana Wilderness” photoessay that was featured in the beautiful Hearth Magazine Vol. 2

Thank you again Brenda and Tonya for including this in your latest issue. So honored! The magazine is perfect….very well done.

Jana, this was one of my favorite collaborations! Looking forward to the next one! XO!