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Time For Bed, Sleepyhead


This month, we [kelli and vanessa] have the honor and privilege to review another great book by Zondervan. Time For Bed, Sleepyhead is written by New York Times bestselling author and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. This cozy bedtime book uses visualization techniques in the storytelling to encourage a child to stretch and even exhaust their imaginations to help them drift off into peaceful sleep.

I have to be honest with you and start out by saying that my amazing husband does the nightly bedtime routine with our son, Ezra. So, I figured I should let the main bedtime storyteller, review this book! Rather than ask him a bunch of questions….and relay it all to you, it is my pleasure to introduce you to REED…..


Hello blog world! Yes, I love that Ezra and I get to share stories and prayers before bed every night.  I am really trying to soak in every moment and enjoy this time every evening.  Ezra has always been a night owl, like his Mom [ha!], so we have been working on getting him to bed earlier now that he is getting up for pre-k three days a week.


I have tried everything…..three books, four books, telling made-up stories, the list goes on.  He would still be awake…..Until….I started reading “Time For Bed, Sleepyhead.”.  He now requests this every night and it is the only book I need to read.  Ezra always wants to be “Aslan” the white german shepherd puppy in the story, and he assigns me to be the “Daddy” bear.  The story is great about repeating certain words, which helps to set the mood to safe, warm, and luckily for me, sleepy.


At the end of the story, Ezra will turn to me and say, “good night, Dad” then rolls over and closes his eyes.  I usually stay a few more minutes and say more prayers over him, thanking God for the little arrow he is, knowing all the good that’s in-store for him when tomorrow comes.

I would definitely recommend this book and you can find it here.
Thank you Zondervan for publishing such great children books. We’ve enjoyed building a library of great books for our son.



Photography by: Kelli Trontel
Bed Sheets: Land of Nod
Comforter: Pottery Barn Kids
Pajamas: Gap Kids
Stuffed Animal: Anthropologie

Strider Snow Skis


Oh my goodness. This invention is amazing. I was already a fan of Strider balance bikes, but this snow ski attachment [for the bike we already own] is incredible! Strider sent us this snow attachment to try out, along with an adorable bike jersey….and Im super excited to share this with you.

I had no idea how Ezra would take to the skis. He was a fan of the bike this past summer, but you just never know how kids will respond when you change things up on them. Well, Ezra is a fan. A HUGE fan! He got right up and within a few minutes he actually lifting his feet up, which he wasn’t doing much of previously…..and as he’s gaining speed down the hill. He shouts “I’m Skiing!!!!!!”

This ski attachment was definitely a life saver for me this winter as “stir crazy ” is a real thing around here when the winters tend to linger on. Ezra is not quite old enough for ski school so this outdoor activity arrived on our doorstep in perfect timing. Reed couldn’t wait to get Ezra outside and on the bike and sporty his new jersey. He’s pretty sure that this will help Ezra get up on skis quicker and for sure build his confidence as he explores more activities.


// This is real life here….and this is why helmets are not an option in our household!



I’m a baby wearing momma…and proud of it! Yes, my son is huge….but wearing him in a well constructed carrier is easier on me than on my hip alone. Can’t really do that anymore.

I purchased the BOBA 3G earlier this summer and it has never left my diaper bag or car. It’s my go to- every time. When the opportunity to partner with BOBA came my way…..I was super stoked. It’s easy to talk about products that I love…..and I love sharing my favorite products with you!

The BOBA AIR is super lightweight and the material is thin….think Jansport backpack. I love that this carrier rolls up into it’s own bag…..this thing contains itself, which is perfect for the on-the-go mom! I also love that all the tightening straps [shoulders, chest and waist] roll up to eliminate having any dangly fabric. The design and craftsmanship is thought out and very well executed. I really love this color blue too!

I’ve been on long hikes, walks around the lake and have pulled long hours at our shop with baby in tow. What I truly love the most about the BOBA carriers [both the 3G and Air] is how comfortable they are. This is a huge plus for me… I love being able to wear Ezra [all 27 pounds of him] and have him part of my everyday, without sacrificing my back.

Here are a few images from an evening at the lake….and how I wear the BOBA AIR.

Bluum Box

One of the sponsors over on kelli + vanessa is Bluum. When this fabulously branded orange box arrived on my doorstep….I instantly fell in love.

The concept behind bluum is genius … you pay a small fee every month to be sent hand picked items specifically for your little one to try out. I appreciate how much detail goes into each box … even down to the packaging itself! I was first introduced to bluum by Vanessa and I love that they are huge supporters of our My Everyday series. Well, I am SO happy I now know of about Bluum … I can not say enough about how much I love the company, the products inside & the people who run it! **Ezra absolutely loved the airplane spoon!

I am incredibly thrilled to say bluum is offering my readers a 50% discount code on their first box order. Which means … YOU can try this out too! DO IT … I promise, you’ll love it & so will your little one.

The 50% off discount code is : savesm50 // to sign up!

And to add to the sweetness, bluum is giving away ONE toddler or baby box!!! All you have to do is sign up for the Kelli + Vanessa newsletter on the sidebar of our blog & you’re entered to win. We’ll announce the winner THIS Friday [3/29]. Easy enough … !

Thank you to bluum for being so generous & for creating a fabulous product!
KELLI + baby Ezra