Strider Snow Skis


Oh my goodness. This invention is amazing. I was already a fan of Strider balance bikes, but this snow ski attachment [for the bike we already own] is incredible! Strider sent us this snow attachment to try out, along with an adorable bike jersey….and Im super excited to share this with you.

I had no idea how Ezra would take to the skis. He was a fan of the bike this past summer, but you just never know how kids will respond when you change things up on them. Well, Ezra is a fan. A HUGE fan! He got right up and within a few minutes he actually lifting his feet up, which he wasn’t doing much of previously…..and as he’s gaining speed down the hill. He shouts “I’m Skiing!!!!!!”

This ski attachment was definitely a life saver for me this winter as “stir crazy ” is a real thing around here when the winters tend to linger on. Ezra is not quite old enough for ski school so this outdoor activity arrived on our doorstep in perfect timing. Reed couldn’t wait to get Ezra outside and on the bike and sporty his new jersey. He’s pretty sure that this will help Ezra get up on skis quicker and for sure build his confidence as he explores more activities.


// This is real life here….and this is why helmets are not an option in our household!


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