Artifact Uprising


I’ve been a fan of Artifact Uprising since they launched their business. I love everything about their brand, their story and their vision. I mean….their tagline is incredible “Inspired By The Disappearing Beauty Of The Tangible.” They had me at that right there.

I’ve printed the wood block set, as well as the Instagram Photo Book [for Ezras 52 week series]. Both products were beautiful.

My most recent print project was the Square Photo Print Set.

This project is a special one. I usually print gifts for other people…..but this one was for me. I printed images that I took on our drive to/from Montana to Boise…..right after I received the call that my mom passed away.

The drive was heartbreaking. There were moments of silence and tears and sometimes laughter….as we talked about my mom.

Since this was my 4th rodeo in the past 5 years…..dealing with the loss of a loved one….I knew that I needed to focus on Gods Word. It’s the only place that brings peace and keeps me from losing my mind. I know what I need most in times like this….and that is to focus on Eternity, otherwise….this situations can easily be turned inside out and upside down. Its a slippery slope……and so this project was born.

I began taking photos of the landscapes throughout the drive. All shot on my iPhone. Some shot through the car windshield [due to inclement weather] and others with the windows rolled down. It wasn’t so much about a perfect photo…..but capturing something that demanded my attention and pairing it with the Truth that was anchoring my soul, in that moment. I posted these on Instagram all throughout out my trip. It was how I was processing each second, minute and hour of the day.

Its a fact. If we don’t write it down….we will forget. Forgetfulness is the enemy of Faith.

This road trip may not seem to be one for the books, but it was for me. I was reminded multiple times of Gods great love. God was near and tending to my broken heart, as He promises to do so in Psalm 34:18.

I don’t ever want to forget the things that I have learned and experienced, especially while in the trenches. These trials shape us and make us into better versions of ourselves. Nothing is wasted. Pain is a Microphone.

I took a self-portrait an hour before my moms Celebration Of Life service. A wave of grief had come over me and my mind was so full that I couldn’t even put words on paper. So I took a break and a deep breath. As tears streamed down my face I knew I wanted to remember this moment. I wanted to remember what I looked like. And what I felt like on the inside. They say our eyes are the windows to our soul…..and in capturing this moment….I would remember all that I needed to from this day.

So, I decided to print this series….which was truly inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Today marks six months since I received that call that took my breath away. I love you, MOM.





“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
-Brene Brown


Three years ago, I started a hashtag on Instagram titled #ichoosethankfulness

There were zero posts the evening that I typed that hashtag in the search bar.

Tonight….as I write this blog post, there are 2,681 photos using the hashtag.

The phrase was inspired by my sister Melissa, who went to Heaven on November 14, 2010.


I CHOOSE THANKFULNESS is about being thankful in all things and in all seasons. Its choosing thankfulness even though our hearts are broken & burdened. It’s choosing faith over fear. It’s choosing joy. It’s choosing Jesus. Always.

I treasure the stories that have been shared using #ichoosethankfulness. I love that its been used all year long and not just around the Thanksgiving holiday. I have met some incredibly brave women who were vulnerable enough to share their heart…..and in turn has inspired an online community.

A lot has happened in 5 years. I have walked through the valley of death 3 separate times.

In these past 5 years…..I’ve lost my dad, my little sister and most recently, my momma.

Its been tough. Losing my mom this past May was a doozy for me. It hit me hard. There are no words to describe what it feels like to me… be here on this earth….without parents. I’ve never walked this out before. I came into this world with parents….and now, at 37 years old… parents are gone. For the first time….I’ve look at this world as a place that truly is not my home. This whole thing has set my gaze on Eternity and on Heaven, my homeland.

It’s natural for us to think that as time goes by…..we get further and further from the ones who have left this earth, but its just the opposite. As each day goes by….we get closer and closer to Heaven, which is very near.

Will you join me in sharing the ways that you are choosing thankfulness this month? This year? Some have posted a photo a day for the month of November, while others have posted randomly through out the year. Whatever you choose to do…….be encouraged to share your story and inspire others. 

My pastor, Levi Lusko and his wife Jennie know the incredible pain of loss. The way in which they are sharing their story of pain….and using it as a microphone has been powerful. It has encouraged and inspired me greatly. I will be giving away 4 autographed copies of his book, Through The Eyes Of A Lion this month. I’ll be scrolling through the #ichoosethankfulness hashtag and will be choosing one photo a week.

Join me! And be encouraged, my friends. xoxo


For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.  2 Corinthians 4:17-18


Halloween 2015


I’ve never been into Halloween. Like ever. I’m still not a huge fan. However, this year [by the persistent encouragement of a friend- thanks Wanda] we went all out……& laughed all day. We had so much fun.

And a funny little story regarding Ezra’s consume…..

Not sure where or how he heard about a Jack-O-Lantern, but he had been talking about it since September. He wanted to be a “Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.” 

I’ll be honest….I was convinced he’d forget about it… know, so I could dress him up as what I wanted to.

Last week, my friend urged me to dress Ezra up as the Jack-O-Lantern.

“Just let him be a Jack-O-Lantern. He’ll love it.” said Wanda.

And so I did.

The only one I could find was a size 1-2, rather than the size 3-4 he should wear. I bought it anyway.

Ezra LOVED his costume. And you know what? I did too.

It’s not even about the costume, but the joy on his face….all day [he was experiencing a sugar overdose in this photo. HA!] As hard as it is sometimes to let our kids make their own decisions….it’s a good thing. I love this little Jack-O-Lantern and my idea would NOT have topped this. 

These are the days….& the best of memories.

///// A group photo of Ezras friends from church…and some details of some sweet-sweet costumes.



Pumpkin Patch


Sweet Pickins has become a yearly, half-day tradition for us. Its so much more than a pumpkin patch….there’s all sorts of fun things to do, including hayrides, a huge sandbox with toy diggers and excavators, tire swings and animals to pet! Ezra can run wild and free….and he does. We all love it!

I can’t even explain the beauty that is found in in Montana. It’s absolutely stunning and the colors were vibrant and bold over the weekend. I loving living where we experience such stunning seasons.

Our friends Bryce and Kelsey joined us this year….we brought a yummy homemade lunch and all ate together on a picnic bench and caught up on life. It was a fun time. *Thanks for taking our family photos, Bryce!

Heres more photos from our day…




Give THANKS to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. -Psalm 107:1

Thankfulness is a popular topic this time of year, as we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving. However, we all know that an attitude of gratitude will serve us well as we enter each new day. Every day. All year round.

Being THANKFUL is something that Ezra and I talk about often. Its the core foundation of our prayers…

In this book “Thankful” by Eileen Spinelli, she reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for. I love that she focused on the little things- found in everyday life. Its not just about the big things…..

The big things are easier to spot and be thankful for, but the little things- the little ways that God shows up and shows His love can often missed, if we aren’t intentional about always looking around us. Never taking anything for granted.

As the leaves have changed colors and fallen to the ground….we took some time and walked around our new neighborhood. We actually read this book in a big pile of leaves! It was super fun to get outside and outside of our normal routine. Who reads books in a pile of leaves? WE DO! The golden colors and endless shapes that can be found in the leaves are truly amazing. We serve such a creative and inspiring God. I love that we get to see glimpses of Him, in our everyday.

Vanessa and I consider it a privilege to be partnered with ZonderKids. We consider it an honor to be able to read new books to our children and share such golden gems with you, as you build your own library with and for you kids.