Time For Bed, Sleepyhead


This month, we [kelli and vanessa] have the honor and privilege to review another great book by Zondervan. Time For Bed, Sleepyhead is written by New York Times bestselling author and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. This cozy bedtime book uses visualization techniques in the storytelling to encourage a child to stretch and even exhaust their imaginations to help them drift off into peaceful sleep.

I have to be honest with you and start out by saying that my amazing husband does the nightly bedtime routine with our son, Ezra. So, I figured I should let the main bedtime storyteller, review this book! Rather than ask him a bunch of questions….and relay it all to you, it is my pleasure to introduce you to REED…..


Hello blog world! Yes, I love that Ezra and I get to share stories and prayers before bed every night.  I am really trying to soak in every moment and enjoy this time every evening.  Ezra has always been a night owl, like his Mom [ha!], so we have been working on getting him to bed earlier now that he is getting up for pre-k three days a week.


I have tried everything…..three books, four books, telling made-up stories, the list goes on.  He would still be awake…..Until….I started reading “Time For Bed, Sleepyhead.”.  He now requests this every night and it is the only book I need to read.  Ezra always wants to be “Aslan” the white german shepherd puppy in the story, and he assigns me to be the “Daddy” bear.  The story is great about repeating certain words, which helps to set the mood to safe, warm, and luckily for me, sleepy.


At the end of the story, Ezra will turn to me and say, “good night, Dad” then rolls over and closes his eyes.  I usually stay a few more minutes and say more prayers over him, thanking God for the little arrow he is, knowing all the good that’s in-store for him when tomorrow comes.

I would definitely recommend this book and you can find it here.
Thank you Zondervan for publishing such great children books. We’ve enjoyed building a library of great books for our son.



Photography by: Kelli Trontel
Bed Sheets: Land of Nod
Comforter: Pottery Barn Kids
Pajamas: Gap Kids
Stuffed Animal: Anthropologie


IMG_8857I say this every year…..and I’m sure I’ll continue to say it year after year.

I can’t believe my baby is FOUR!!!

The biggest change in Ezra was from three to four. He seems so grown up these days. His vocabulary has expanded greatly. His imagination is wild and fun. He still loves to sing….all day long, which makes this mama so proud. I love it with all my heart.

Sweet boy, what I love most about you is your curious mind and compassionate heart.

I pray that your natural awareness of people is something that never dims. What a powerful and unique quality this is, in a world where we can all be self-absorbed and consumed with our own happenings. I love that you notice people…..and you step out of your little comfort zone to engage with friends, as well as strangers- whether that’s at our shop or the park. It’s the sweetest thing. Even when you play “shy” it’s so sweet.

We had four whole years together as a family of three….and in just a few months we will be welcoming a new baby sister to our family. She is so lucky to have YOU as her big brother. I can’t wait to see you as a brother…..your love for her is already so sweet, I can’t wait to till you see her for the first time, and hold her and kiss her. You were born for this…..

Thank you for being such a sweet boy. You have brought such joy to my life, even in the midst of pain and loss this past year. You are indeed “Gods Help” as your name means. You have been tender, loving & encouraging….and you have taught me much about the love of our great God, who loves us so perfectly.

Love you to the moon and back!

A 4th Of July Tradition


Our 4th of July celebration wouldn’t be complete without visiting our local and favorite firework stand…..to take photos!

The story begins here, at week 39 in my maternity photo series with Ezra, in 2012. Then again in 2013, which we called BOOM POW! And again in 2014…..then 2015. Cant believe this my fifth year returning to this stand and Ezra’s 4th year joining me. This tradition is sweet to our hearts. We also love seeing the owners of the stand, year after year. They greet us with smiles and hugs- so sweet.


Same location. Same 4,000 SPECIAL FIRECRACKER. Same baby boy [in salt water sandals], who is just getting bigger. I can’t believe my BABY BOY will be FOUR YEARS OLD tomorrow!!
IMG_8554IMG_8569IMG_8544IMG_8542This year IS a little different though……we have a another baby on the way!!! So we had to document a little bit of that too! And for the first time ever….DADDY got in a photo with us! He’s the one behind the camera for this, but someone offered to take our photo and Im so glad we got a family photo this year!

IMG_8550IMG_8585IMG_8582IMG_8595Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


Our Visit To The Young Living Farm

There’s something about dreaming with your best friend & seeing that dream become a reality. Truthfully, it’s one of the best feelings!!! Vanessa and I dreamed one year ago to be here at this very place … & we’re overjoyed to see it come to pass!

The words we speak have tremendous power, friends. Speak what you want to see happen, believe by faith it’ll happen & then hustle till the door opens.

Im passionate more than ever, after visiting the Young Living Farm. Passionate about partnering with this incredibly honest, generous and transparent company. It comes natural really, since we have incorporated oils into our everyday living.

If you’re interested in learning more, message me! I’d love to talk you though it. You can also visit my direct link by clicking here. The community that I am part of is called Floral & Pine and we’d love to have you on our team….and help educate you along the way. You will not be left to yourself to figure things out on your own. We are passionate about education and helping people understand the amazing world of oils.

Our time together in Salt Lake City last week was incredibly encouraging and refreshing,  as always. Im so glad we captured bits of our day at the farm…..and I love the video that Vanessa put together for us to remember. Check it out below!

Happy Happy Birthday, Reed!


Last night we celebrated Reeds 38th birthday!

A small gathering is Reeds party style…..so, a few friends, BBQ and a yummy cake were the makings of the wonderful evening we had…..celebrating Reed.

Happy Birthday, Reed!
Its a high honor to live this life alongside of you.
You are steady and solid…..genuine and trustworthy.
You are a man of your word.
The sweetest husband and the WORLDS BEST DAD.
Thank you for taking such great care of us….& for loving us well.
We honor and celebrate you today, and always.
You are LOVED.