On June 15, 2010 my dad took residence in Heaven, with our Lord and Creator. What a loss this has been for me, but I am gaining new perspective everyday….on life, love, serving others and living as if Heaven matters most.

My dad was the best dad to his girls. There are four of us….and he loved us so so much.

My three sisters and I lead the Celebration Service in Orange County, CA on June 26th. Aside from the circumstance…the day was perfect, in every way. There was laughter and there were tears, but above all…a legacy was remembered, while we thanked God for blessing us with an amazing man who we got to call DAD.

I have some of the best friends in the world. The late night phone calls, hour long meetings at Starbucks that helped me clear my mind, the dinners, the cards, the Facebook and Twitter messages…..all of these things have made my days brighter. I have felt LOVED. Thank you!!

Below are photos, along with a video blog with details about some incredible moments that I encountered just moments before I received the phone call about my dads unexpected passing and where my heart is at today. Please take the TIME to watch it and my hope is that you leave my blog….encouraged and with a new perspective. My life has radically changed these past 30 days and I just wanted to share it with you…..Thank you for being a huge support to me. Your prayers and words of encouragement have made a huge impact on my life.



Mark Rampulla - Great post giving honor to your amazing Dad!


melissa weymouth - I am so blessed to have a awesome Dad that loved us so deeply. I am going to miss him so much. I am so thankful to have such great memories of Dad. He was so proud of his girls. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me a wonderful loving father.

Dad you will be missed
I Love You xoxox


allister ann - i love you more than words can express…
kelli, your heart is so strong and beautiful
your father i know is so proud of you every day that you are following your hearts passions- that each moment you capture in our lifes history is a reminder of a life of love that surrounds us.

can’t wait to see you soon little bird


the whyte house - such a beautiful post.

i lost my dad at age 13 and have spent almost 17 years without him. though i understood and was grateful that my dad didn’t have to endure pain anymore, it hurt. immensely. it’s been a life experience that has helped me grow, to not take things for granted and help others with their loss. now, after sharing 15 years of life and laughter with my stepdad, i am now having to watch his body and mind fall apart. i look forward to the day that he will no longer have to suffer, as well, but it breaks my heart to have to face that loss again. my heart aches for you and your family during this time, but rejoices with your dad’s new home address. you guys are in our prayers.



Jaime - Beautiful, sweet Kelli….so well said sweetie! This was beautiful on so many levels!!! Hugs!!!!


Alison Hillenbrand - Such a sweet post Kelli!! You are such a good daughter. Bringing honor to both your earthly and heavenly Father. I know they both delight in you and the woman you have become. Keep encouraging others with your story, there are broken people everywhere who need to hear this good news!!
Love you!!


Heather - I am SOOOO proud of you for having the courage to do this video and post it. This is going to have such a huge impact on SO many people. Your perspective on this whole situation has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!! You always find the good and positive in every situation…. but in this particular one, you can TRULY tell the LOVE and PEACE of God on your life.
I love you sweet friend. Use that journal to write all these stories down too. It’s your Daddy journal 🙂


Becka - Kelli, thank you so much for sharing this video. I so enjoyed hearing more about the person your dad was. Thank you for your transparency, for sharing your heart and your story. I am so sorry dear friend for what you’ve gone through the last month but am encouraged to hear your perspective of God’s faithfullness, and how is turning ashes into beauty in you and through you.

Loved seeing you today…actually really wanted to ask you about your dad and how you’ve been doing but didn’t want to take you out of “working mode”.(= Thank you again for posting these sweet reflections….much love!!


amelialyon - Wow, what a sweet tribute to your dad! I know this seems tough, but there is a new found peace in all of this if you can just trust that God has a plan for everything and we are all a big part of it. I pray for comfort to be with you at this time. The first year is the hardest, let yourself cry when you feel like it, then dry your eyes and continue forward. Take care!


Donna - What a wonderful tribute to your dad…love the photos – makes me want to get some of me and my dad NOW! Saying a prayer for you!


Amy Conner - You are so so strong and wonderful for sharing your heart with us. It’s wonderful how you continue to honor him!! Love you!


kelly ann - your dad lived life the right way – by taking time for others. that is so beautiful and so inspiring, and the world is a better place because of him. i’m so sorry for your loss, but know that your dad is having the greatest time ever in heaven right now! how rad is that?! you seem like a truly dear soul… i just love your blog & your photographs, and i’m sending you prayers that your heart is comforted every single day.


Kate McNamara - Dear Kelli,

I am so, so, so dearly sorry about your dad. The way your dad lived his life is an absolutely beautiful testament to Christ and the goodness of a person. I want to live better now. You are so beautiful for making this video and saying your heart. You and your dad have really impacted me in such a meaningful way and I thank YOU. I have never met you before but I am friends with Tammy and David. If there is anything at all that you EVER need, please let me know. I will be praying for your heart to just BEAM 🙂 with all the memories and love your dad and you shared. I will be praying that you just feel his spirit all the time and feel a peace and grace from Christ. Girl, you are so, so lucky you have memories and love from an amazing man. I work at Sweet CeCe’s in downtown Franklin and if there is ANYTHING you need help with for your new business, please let me know! It is the best and you guys are going to LOVE it!

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