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Ezras First Word!

Eeeee! My heart…..has melted.

He said it….MOMMA!!

Now, we are working on DADA.

[i’m incorporating more video’s into my blog here….with that said, more daylight & horizontal photos will be on the way. maybe i’ll even try out the video feature on my real camera!]

First Food

BIG MOMENT over here for the Trontel tribe.

On New Years Day we decided to introduce Ezra to his first taste of food. I spent a few days reading what to expect on this day, but of course Ezra did his own thing….nothing by the book.

This boy spit nothing out and didn’t need much practice swallowing food. He was obviously ready for this day. He would have eaten the entire bowl of bananas if we had let him!

As moms and dads do…we recorded this moment and I’m so glad we did. Oh I just his jittery hands that wiggle with excitement! Needless to say, bananas were a hit!

Gender Reveal Party

I was inspired to do a “gender reveal” party by my dear friend Heather Marvin in Nashville, TN. I absolutely loved the idea from the moment I watched the video she posted on Facebook- announcing their 3rd baby on the way would be a girl! So sweet!

Last Friday morning, Reed and I experienced the “ultra-sound”, where we saw the tiny miracle that is growing day by day. We were completely overwhelmed and in awe of Gods beautiful creation. This just made everything so real! I loved how Reeds eyes were glued to the screen the entire time….he’s completely in love.

We left the appointment NOT knowing what the gender was. Instead, I had my nurse call my sister…who immediately called my super creative friend, Carrie, who would then bake an adorable cake with either PINK OR BLUE frosting on the inside. About 7 hours later we were surrounded by our family and friends to share in this special evening with us. Call us crazy, but we really enjoyed the suspense that day- I loved all of our discussions and wonder of what the evening would hold for us.

We are super excited about this little person…..and we truly appreciate all the LOVE you have showered us with already! We are so lucky.

Below is a VIDEO of the announcement……& the fabulous CAKE! Enjoy! xoxo


IT’S A BOY!!!!!!