First Food

BIG MOMENT over here for the Trontel tribe.

On New Years Day we decided to introduce Ezra to his first taste of food. I spent a few days reading what to expect on this day, but of course Ezra did his own thing….nothing by the book.

This boy spit nothing out and didn’t need much practice swallowing food. He was obviously ready for this day. He would have eaten the entire bowl of bananas if we had let him!

As moms and dads do…we recorded this moment and I’m so glad we did. Oh I just his jittery hands that wiggle with excitement! Needless to say, bananas were a hit!


Kerry Russell - Hank does the EXACT same things with his hands nonstop while eating solids. This is now the sign for him wanting something he can see… food, toy etc. A little confusing since it is close to the “all done” sign and we are trying to use those. Go Ezra – so cute!

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