Six Months

I can not believe that my baby is six months old right now. I can’t believe that half a year ago….my water broke on the 4th of July and he made his way into this world. He has grown so much….and continues to change in some way- everyday.

Well, this month was full of all sorts of excitement::

1. TWO MORE TEETH! Thats right- two on the bottom [popped out last month] and the top two teeth have already broken in. What a trooper.

2. Introduction to solids! Bananas were a hit and since then he’s been a good little eater and has enjoyed pears and blueberries! YUM!

Oh Ezra, you fill our hearts with so much joy. Life is so different with you, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. You make us smile from the early morning hour till you close your eyes for the night.
Words of life were spoken over you this month by Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC and we believe wholeheartedly what he said about you. There really is something very special about you- there is a STRONG JOY and a GENTLE PEACE about you. You were created for GREAT BIG THINGS and we pray this over your life- everyday.

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