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IMG_0032“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
We spent some time at the Majestic Valley Arena, gearing up for Easter weekend! Such a good helper.

…..There’s nothing sweeter than serving together as a family. I love that Ezra is part of the Fresh Life family and gets to see Church- in action. So very thankful. We had too much fun exploring, so heres more from our day!
[how cute is this temporary Skull Church tattoo?!]


Into The Forrest

This has been a concept that I’ve wanted to shoot for a while now…..a beautiful girl in the snowy forrest. Every time I would drive by this location- ideas would start swirling around in my mind.

I have to be super intentional about shooting personal projects these days, otherwise they never happen. So, after finalizing details, picking a date and a model [my beautiful friend and barista at Red Caboose]…..into the Forrest I went! The lighting was perfect….and when the snow flurries began to fall, it became an even more magical moment.

A huge thank you to Darci of Bear Grass Gardens for the beautiful floral crown.

Photography // Kelli Trontel
Floral Headpiece // Bear Grass Gardens
Model // Anna Dillon


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“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
We found a pretty amazing park in Spokane, WA this weekend!

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“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
Constantly discovering new hiding places around the house

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“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
A highlight of living in Montana….TRACTORS for days!!!!

…. & because I couldn’t decide on only one photo….here’s more from our tractor playing adventure


Great-Grandma adventured with us too! She’s always ready to explore!