Fight For Honor

Just because your spouse didn’t keep their vow doesn’t mean that you have to break yours

If God says to fight for your marriage, you better fight!

God made it abundantly clear over and over that I was to stay in my marriage. At one point I removed my wedding ring as I started to focus on what other people might think vs what God had called me to do. Even if it made me look crazy and didn’t make sense to those around me. Oh hey Noah, I’ll help you build that ark!

It wasn’t an easy decision……Oh the war within our flesh is real.

There is no option that would take away the pain. Not a single one. No matter what decision I made in regards to my marriage, there would be pain.

And I know pain. But I honestly believed that I had endured enough these last 8 years alone…..and that I had legitimately earned a pass for at least a few more years. Friends, don’t ever underestimate the war raging against your soul and your family. Your marriage.

The enemy sometimes even comes as your dreams in disguise, hoping to destroy your stand for your marriage.

But God allowed the rain.

From where I stand tonight, I can see that His plan was to make sure that I stood in a place where I had to choose God, or choose my own path.

As I sat in a 7 hour settlement meeting today…..I fought for honor. I re-wrote “boiler plate” verbiage to reflect my stand and all that I believe with my heart and soul. I say this for those who might be walking this same path. You have a say so, even if it is ignored this side of Heaven.

Fight for honor. You’ll truly find peace in that place.

Love you all.



Sally - What do you mean boilerplate? I’m in this now and want to understand how to honor God in this unimaginable and uncharted path. It is so painful and unbelievable that I am here. It is good to not feel alone. But I also feel lost.

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