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Our Christmas 2015


First all, can we talk about this adorable photo? A year tradition that I love so much!
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This year was by far the most exciting with Ezra. Christmas as 3 year old…..oh the WONDER!

It amazes me how quickly my parents come to mind as I am walking out certain seasons with Ezra. As my own excitement was building as I began to wrap presents and prepare the mantle for “Santas visit”…..I couldn’t help but think that my own parents felt these same feelings, towards me. How sweet is that? As we get older, our relationships change with and towards our parents and we tend to think of the most recent relationship & love we have with them…..but children throw it all back for us. This Christmas….I thought a lot about how my parents might have felt leading up to Christmas with my sisters and I being toddlers.

This Christmas was busy. I was intentional about not filling up my schedule and running around with my head cut off. I wanted to be available and most importantly, be present. I wanted to experience Ezra’s joy and wonder of the Season. And I’m so glad I did. No regrets there.

I lead worship for Fresh Life Christmas, which is always an honor and so much fun. Reeds family [mom, sister, and two brother-in-laws] joined us, which was SO awesome.

Our traditions include Church on Christmas Eve- then we head over to Reeds parents house for dinner, presents and games. Its ends up being a late night, but its a time where we are all together. Talking, laughing and catching up.

Christmas Day is spent at our own house. This time with the three of us is really special and important. I don’t want to rush the morning, by making plans to be somewhere……so we just get up when we get up and the day starts off in the kitchen. We did the whole SANTA thing, but its not the focus of Christmas for us… presents didn’t take center stage this year……who knows about next year, but it was awesome to enjoy some family time that morning.

Later that day, Reeds family came over and we made a real Christmas dinner……the turkey, potatoes, my moms salad that she would always make….and I brought out her silver setting. Just a few ways that I was able to bring her life and legacy into our 1st Christmas without her here.

Im so thankful for family…..and humbled that I get to be a mom to my sweet boy. He definitely made Christmas special this year.

Heres our Christmas in photos!

[Christmas Eve]



[Christmas Day at our house]


Halloween 2015


I’ve never been into Halloween. Like ever. I’m still not a huge fan. However, this year [by the persistent encouragement of a friend- thanks Wanda] we went all out……& laughed all day. We had so much fun.

And a funny little story regarding Ezra’s consume…..

Not sure where or how he heard about a Jack-O-Lantern, but he had been talking about it since September. He wanted to be a “Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.”  

I’ll be honest….I was convinced he’d forget about it… know, so I could dress him up as what I wanted to.Easily the best way to take your Halloween costume to the next level is to buy some spooky contacts as these make you look so much scarier and makes your costume look so much more real.

Last week, my friend urged me to dress Ezra up as the Jack-O-Lantern.

“Just let him be a Jack-O-Lantern. He’ll love it.” said Wanda.

And so I did.

The only one I could find was a size 1-2, rather than the size 3-4 he should wear. I bought it anyway.

Ezra LOVED his costume. And you know what? I did too.

It’s not even about the costume, but the joy on his face….all day [he was experiencing a sugar overdose in this photo. HA!] As hard as it is sometimes to let our kids make their own decisions….it’s a good thing. I love this little Jack-O-Lantern and my idea would NOT have topped this. 

These are the days….& the best of memories.

///// A group photo of Ezras friends from church…and some details of some sweet-sweet costumes.



Pumpkin Patch


Sweet Pickins has become a yearly, half-day tradition for us. Its so much more than a pumpkin patch….there’s all sorts of fun things to do, including hayrides, a huge sandbox with toy diggers and excavators, tire swings and animals to pet! Ezra can run wild and free….and he does. We all love it!

I can’t even explain the beauty that is found in in Montana. It’s absolutely stunning and the colors were vibrant and bold over the weekend. I loving living where we experience such stunning seasons.

Our friends Bryce and Kelsey joined us this year….we brought a yummy homemade lunch and all ate together on a picnic bench and caught up on life. It was a fun time. *Thanks for taking our family photos, Bryce!

Heres more photos from our day…


Ezra Turns THREE!


I can’t believe that our baby boy is THREE!

Ezra is such a little sweet heart.

He is joyful.

He loves people.

He is compassionate.

These are just a few of the qualities that I love about him….and it’s these qualities that I am intentional about encouraging and fostering, daily.

This past week as we were riding bikes he shouted “I PROMISE, MOM.”
I replied….”you promise, what?” And in the sweetest voice he said “I promise to take care of you, mommy.”

I melted. Right then and there.

The verse we prayed over Ezra this past year was Isaiah 55:12. As I dug deeper into the verse this year, I believe this is a life verse for him. This verse tells of the future that God has for Ezra. God is planning for Ezra to be happy forever. He is planning for him to live in peace forever. And He is planning that good and beautiful things in His creation be preserved for his exhilaration forever and ever. How beautiful is this?! Ezra’s love for the outdoors and nature will be eternal. Not just something in this life here on earth, but in Eternity.

“For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break fourth into shouts of joy before you, And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” –Isaiah 55:12

Happy Birthday, sweet Ezra. You are loved and honored, always.
momma & daddy

Outdoor Adventure Birthday Party/ / / / / / / / the process & details

We celebrated Ezra at my in-laws home with a few close family and friends. The hardest part about this years party planning was keeping it small. And sticking to it. With all that we had going on this summer- it was tempting to not do any parties at all, but my saving grace was allowing myself to not over-do-it and to keep things small.

My goal this year was to keep it simple. Of course I allowed myself to dream a few detail ideas, but nothing overboard. I wanted to enjoy the process and more importantly, enjoy the day.

Last years theme was Little Explorer and this year was Outdoor Adventure. He’s such a boy, wild at heart and loves to be outdoors, playing. So…thats what we did!

We set up three stations: Finger Painting, Fishing & Splashing [kiddie pool and water balloons]. This kept the kids busy between dinner, cupcakes and presents. The wooden arrows were from Target and I just hand painted the words of each play station and hung to the fence.

The painting station also served as a party gift for each little one to take home with them. I bought small square canvases [from Michaels] and with a black sharpie marker….I drew a teepee on the front, by hand. The kids painted the teepees……and the mommas got to take home a little piece of art for the wall!

The menu was simple: Hot Dogs [Montana raised Bison & Beef], Homemade Potato Salad, BBQ Chips & Fresh Berries. Im forever thankful to my dear friend Hollie who always saves the day with the most amazing yet simple recipes.

**more photos from our little mans party can also be found on 100 Layer Cake-let! Thanks for the feature!




Happy 3rd Birthday, Ezra!

Today we kicked off your big day with breakfast at your favorite place, Buffalo Cafe.

I say this every year….and Im pretty sure that I’ll continue to say it each every year forward. I can’t believe my baby is THREE! In some ways it seems like yesterday that I help him in my arms for the very first time. I remember so clearly the way he stared into my eyes the morning after he was born. I remember thinking “Hi sweet baby…..Im your momma.” Its like we knew each other and didn’t….all at the same time. So surreal.

What a true blessing this little man of ours is to us. His joyful spirit encourages me and brings a smile to my face, daily. His unconditional love constantly reminds me of the Lords amazing grace.

Ezra love music. He loves to sing……and loves “singing to Jesus” all throughout the day. It’s really incredible how a little human being can wreck our hearts to the core in such a powerful way. When he begins to sing a song…whether it be “Fight For Honor” or “Fall Afresh”… heart is ministered to. I hear the lyrics that he is singing….they are so clear…..and those raspy words pierce my soul like none other. I’ve heard it said over and over how much children impact lives…..and I’m a believer. It’s true. It’s so very true.

I love that Ezra is eager in learning about Jesus….and even more that his heart is cracked wide open…..responding so sweetly to topics such as Heaven and thankfulness. He loves to pray over our meals and is constantly thanking Jesus for all the little things in his life.

My prayer over his life is that God would keep Ezra’s spirit soft to everything He wants him to see and hear.



Ezra, you are a joy to daddy and I. Having you in our lives is one of our biggest blessings. It’s an honor to be your mom….its a privilege to spend each and every day with you. The Creator of the universe has His eye on you. You are unique. You are valuable. You are important. You are a leader. You have a voice that will be used greatly in your days. We love you with all our hearts….and we celebrate your life today….and always. Love you, sweet son.  xoxo