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Handsome Valentine

This is the second annual Valentine photo session that my neighbor Lindsey and I have collaborated on together. Just us and our boys. I love this tradition that we started……and although it takes a bit of time, planning [and patience], it’s totally worth it. As photographers, we dream up ideas for everybody else….so it’s fun and rewarding to carve out a bit of time and do the same for ourselves. Our set ups are always simple….white wall, a Valentine garland and our little loves. Due to the age of our boys….we’re talking 10-15 minutes max [and a whole lot of peek-a-boo and cookies!]. You can see last years set up here.

Seriously, I’d love to encourage all you mommas out there to get together with a fellow momma friend and just get in photos with your little ones. Believe me….it’s easy to just put it off, but once you do it…..the reward is such a treasure.

Hope you all have a sweet Valentines Day with your loves.
x’s & o’s


// Here are a few of my favorites of Lindsey and her little guy [with a rad tattoo!]

Adventures In Florida!

Ezra certainly experiences so much when we get the opportunity to travel, especially when we go on the road [for a Fresh Life O2 Experience tour!]. It’s always a jammed packed week and we intentionally squeeze a lot into our days off and time away from the venues- like eating food that we don’t have in Montana and putting our toes in the sand at the beach! Speaking of food, Ezra experienced his first hamburger ever and this happened at Shake Shack! I always thought it would be an In-N-Out burger, but this joint was ridiculously good. We were not disappointed at all. Oh and Florida oranges….don’t even get me started. Yum!

Ezra loves the sand….and loves the water, so Florida was a fun little getaway for my little man. Ezra and I flew to Ft. Lauderdale last week so momma could photograph the O2 Experience, which was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Melbourne. You’ve got to check out Pastor Levi’s blog for the re-cap of the event. Truly incredible.

The question I get the most is “how does Ezra do while traveling?” Ezra is pretty good when it comes to going with the flow. He’s only 18 months old, so being strapped to my lap on an airplane for 3+ hours gets a little boring [for him- not for me- I'm just trying to keep him entertained!], but we have to get creative [with lots of snacks on hand!]. We also had many late nights and a few long car rides to adjust to during the week. All in all, he did great! I love being able to reward him with allowing him to explore a bit, whether it’s on stage at the venue [yes, helping unpack guitar cases, testing out the microphones and chasing the stage lights] or in this case….playing on the beach!

It truly is a blessing to be able to bring Ezra along with me. I love being part of this ministry and movement and having him along for the ride. I love that he gets to see us doing what we love…rather than keeping him away from it. So thankful.

Here’s a glimpse into last weeks adventures in Florida…..

// Ft. Lauderdale venue | Calvary Chapel Playground

// Miami Beach

// Melbourne, Florida

// Melbourne venue | Calvary Chapel

// Indian Harbour Beach | Melbourne, Florida

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“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
A Montana boy at heart, but there’s definitely a place held dear for the ocean and sand.
Indian Harbour Beach // Melbourne, Florida

Our Christmas

I love our little town of Whitefish at Christmas time. It was nice to stay in town…..and not travel….and just have an intimate family Christmas. Our week consisted of four Fresh Life Christmas services, multiple pots of warm soup and chili, as well as a few Christmas movies that we had never seen before, which included Polar Express! Oh and maybe a pan of brownies and a sheet of Christmas Cookies! Yum!

We spent Christmas Eve with Reeds family, but didn’t end up opening presents until the day after Christmas since Ezra was completely exhausted from the day. It worked out because more of our family was able to join us then. Christmas Day was just the three of us…a much needed day of rest. It was wonderful.

Reed was pretty sure that Ezra would pull down our Christmas tree, but guess what?!? It’s still standing! Ezra was more into twisting the Christmas lights off and handing them to us. Too funny! He definitely became interested in the ribbons and bows on the gifts under the tree as Christmas Day quickly approached, but his favorite part of opening gifts was playing with all the empty boxes! Of course!

We made a new Christmas ornament for Ezra this year….I really love this tradition. It’s been so fun making his first two Christmas ornaments, but I’m excited to see the yearly creations he makes himself!

One of our Christmas highlights was having Reeds sister [Haley] in town with her fiancé, Ty! We just love them so much….and I am so thankful for the love she pours out on Ezra. She is so intentional in maintaining a relationship with him as she lives in Salt Lake City. It was great to spend quality them… favorite was playing card games every night!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

/// Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpas house

/// Christmas Morning at our house

/// Christmas [part 2] at Grandma & Grandpas

Merry Christmas

I am so very thankful for the gift that God gave us in His Son, Jesus.

A baby in a manager changed everything…..and our prayer this year is that even more hearts prepare Him room in their hearts.

From our tribe to yours…..Merry Christmas!

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