Happy 3rd Birthday, Ezra!

Today we kicked off your big day with breakfast at your favorite place, Buffalo Cafe.

I say this every year….and Im pretty sure that I’ll continue to say it each every year forward. I can’t believe my baby is THREE! In some ways it seems like yesterday that I help him in my arms for the very first time. I remember so clearly the way he stared into my eyes the morning after he was born. I remember thinking “Hi sweet baby…..Im your momma.” Its like we knew each other and didn’t….all at the same time. So surreal.

What a true blessing this little man of ours is to us. His joyful spirit encourages me and brings a smile to my face, daily. His unconditional love constantly reminds me of the Lords amazing grace.

Ezra love music. He loves to sing……and loves “singing to Jesus” all throughout the day. It’s really incredible how a little human being can wreck our hearts to the core in such a powerful way. When he begins to sing a song…whether it be “Fight For Honor” or “Fall Afresh”… heart is ministered to. I hear the lyrics that he is singing….they are so clear…..and those raspy words pierce my soul like none other. I’ve heard it said over and over how much children impact lives…..and I’m a believer. It’s true. It’s so very true.

I love that Ezra is eager in learning about Jesus….and even more that his heart is cracked wide open…..responding so sweetly to topics such as Heaven and thankfulness. He loves to pray over our meals and is constantly thanking Jesus for all the little things in his life.

My prayer over his life is that God would keep Ezra’s spirit soft to everything He wants him to see and hear.



Ezra, you are a joy to daddy and I. Having you in our lives is one of our biggest blessings. It’s an honor to be your mom….its a privilege to spend each and every day with you. The Creator of the universe has His eye on you. You are unique. You are valuable. You are important. You are a leader. You have a voice that will be used greatly in your days. We love you with all our hearts….and we celebrate your life today….and always. Love you, sweet son.  xoxo


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