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We Camped At Glacier National Park!


If you’re a regular to my blog, you know about our first family camping experience….funny times! I stated that we would totally camp again before summertime ends….and I’ve got pictures to prove it!

This time, we went with some friends of ours and we had a blast!  It’s refreshing to experience camping with lighthearted- go- with the flow- people, who also have a baby in their tribe. Its a lot of work to camp…and its even more work to camp with kids! This was a one-night camping trip…next year the goal is to do a 2 and 3 day camping trip!

To make this easy…we split the meals….Garret & Melissa took care of dinner and Reed & I took care of breakfast [and coffee, of course!]. Although, Melissa pretty much made the breakfast too since Ezra was freezing cold [and momma forgot to bring gloves!]. I remembered to bring most of what I forgot the first time, but due to the colder temps in Glacier Park….I forgot the warmer things like gloves and thick socks. One day… day I’ll pack all that I need, but until then….I’ll laugh and make the most of it!

We sat around the fire late into the night. We laughed hard. We spoke life over each other. A memorable camping trip, indeed!


Our First Family Camping Experience

…..& what an experience it was! HA!

This whole thing was my idea. I wanted to go camping. I wanted to sleep in a tent. I want to make breakfast and Stumptown coffee over the fire, while being bundled up in cozy clothes early in the morning. Sounds amazing, right?! Let me just say that I have NEVER been tent camping before and all of my grand ideas come from epic photos and highlight reels that I’ve seen….camping or maybe glamping? Yep, first timer here.

Camping is A LOT of work! Yikes! Before we even get too far out of town….we were already making a list of what we had forgotten. It was hilarious.

We got a late start out of town [story of our lives] so we were racing against daylight. Due to the fires, the sun was not as bright and it was pretty smokey.

Our tent. Our tent was HUGE! We had to enlist help because this city girl was of no help to my husband in this department.

We learned a lot. We laughed a ton. This was definitely an experience we will remember forever.

Our day was spent near the water, which we all know is Ezras happy place.

One of the highlights was picking Huckleberries as a family! Huckleberries were everywhere…..and Ezra picked up the task quickly and was such a great helper.

Before I end this post, I’ll be honest…..we ended up in the truck from 3am-6am because of some suspicious noises very close to our tent. Let me just say this, when we drove up to our campsite there was a deer who was pretty much tame. I thought it was awesome that she didn’t move as I approached to take a photo, but when she kept walking towards me as if she wanted to check out the image I just took of her on the back of my camera….thats when I freaked out. So, we think it was her getting a little too close to our tent that night. No Thanks! Not into that.

Camping did not defeat us…..we will be going again…..we’ve already kinda got another trip in the books.

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Birthday Party At The Cabin

We celebrated Reeds birthday out at the family cabin on the lake over the weekend. Just a small gathering with a few dear friends.

My friend Hollie helped me put together the most wonderfully delicious meal….she truly inspires me to want to cook more often. It was awesome to be in kitchen with friends….preparing a meal…..then enjoying it together on the deck. Although I was tempted to just thrown on the usual- turkey burgers, but instead……I made homemade bread, watermelon salad, couscous and chicken & veggie kabobs. Thinking this just might be our 4th of July meal!

Reed is so loved….and it was a pretty special day,  honoring him.


*thanks for the wonderful cake, Jessy!

Our Easter Weekend

Easter consists of a full weekend with our Fresh Life family and friends. The festivities kick off with Skull Church Majestic then Fresh Life Easter….and ends with a family meal around the table.

Although our weekend was a busy one, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love that we get the opportunity to serve alongside some pretty amazing people in our city, witnessing people of all ages make decisions for Christ and I absolutely love that Ezra gets to be part of what all that we do! Last year he hung out in the baby carrier, but this year….he was all over the place. All over the place…in a good way. I love seeing him interact with people.

Here’s a snapshot of our second Easter as a family of three [plus our employee Tyler who joined us this year- love this guy!], our Easter table and Ezra’s first Easter basket!


// Skull Church Majestic w/ special guest artist PaperRoute


// Fresh Life Easter w/ special guest artist John Mark McMillan
IMG_1502IMG_1278IMG_1285IMG_1383To see the full LOOKBOOK from Skull Church Majestic & Fresh Life Easter…visit Pastor Levi’s blog.

// After Easter service shenanigans….Ezra and his little buddy, Fawkes.


// Our Easter party
This year included a few little goodies inside an Easter basket [including CAMO eggs- so Montana!], a family walk/bike ride around the neighborhood, our BunnyBread tradition & evening discussions around the campfire. Best weekend ever.

Whitefish Winter Carnival

This past weekend was Winter Carnival here in Whitefish. Its a local tradition with a crazy backstory, but the afternoon parade is a highlight for us. Maybe when Ezra gets a little older, he’ll participate in the penguin plunge, but for now….we’re opting out of jumping in any lake in zero degree weather! It’s also a super busy day for our shop- as all the festivities take place right out front of our door!

Here are a few photos from the day…..and yes, Montana loves their trucks and horses!