Hunt and Cut 2015


We gathered once again with friends….and hunted for the perfect Christmas tree. I leave the cutting down the tree part to Reed. It’s a lot of hard work, but he’s certainly the man for the job!

This annual Hunt and Cut has looked different for us every year [check out 2013 & 2014]. The locations and the friends who have have gathered and hunted with us have varied as well. I’ve enjoyed every single year for their own reason……all have been special….and this tradition will always hold a special place in our hearts.

This years Hunt and Cut was with the couples in our AMAZING life group [plus the Brandeberry family]. One couple had NEVER cut down a tree before- so it was wonderful to see the sparkle in their eyes as we trekked through the forest, looking for the perfect tree.

There was a fantastic sledding area for the kids… their laughter became the soundtrack of the day. It was perfect.

Ezra was a trooper, walking through the snow……but eventually he got tired and momma had to carry him back to the car. Oh MY ARMS!!! He’s almost getting too big to carry, but I still take the chance to hold my baby as much as he’ll let me. He was a really big help this year….he loved adventuring in the wild. He’s good at that!

It’s been a while since I’ve brought out my camera- the iPhone has been so much more convenient, but when it comes to special occasions…..I bring out the best. I always enjoy documenting our life….and the annual Hunt and Cut always delivers such beautiful and memorable moments.

We found the perfect tree. Its tall and a little more like a Charlie Brown tree, even though every year we seek out to find the fullest tree in the woods. HA. Everything looks bigger and fuller with snow on it. Right?

Our day ended at the Red Caboose, where coffee and hot chocolates were passed all around.

Im so very thankful for the fiends in our lives here in Montana.

Do you cut down your own tree? Do you put up a fake tree? Theres pros and cons to both……what is your tradition?


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