Thanksgiving 2015


The last time we were in Boise for Thanksgiving was 2011. Reed and I sat around the table with my sisters and mom….and we told them we were expecting a baby. It was a pretty exciting season for us.

This Thanksgiving looked a lot different.

Mom wasn’t at the table this year. However, I was with my sisters and I know that my mom would be happy about that.

[We also celebrated my sister & aunts birthday while we were all together…..and went bowling too!]

Our Thanksgiving table was beautiful….one of my sisters works at Pottery Barn and I loved how she decorated…..all the details were so wonderful.

I am thankful for the reconciliation that has taken place within my family this year….and I am thankful to have even more family [aunt, uncle and cousins] living in Boise now.

Although it was bittersweet… was good to be near the ones I love.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving !



Amy - I’m really glad to hear this….especially that there’s been reconciliation. 🙂 God is good.

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