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Hunt and Cut 2014

We hunted together as a family once again,  for the most perfect Christmas tree!! You can check out last years Hunt and Cut here. Every year has been different….and each of them has been so special to us. Such wonderful memories.

This year we went out with some new friends of ours, who also have a tiny little guy….so it was a fun little adventure!

I love that Ezra understood what we were doing a little more this year….he helped daddy pick out the tree, as well as cut it down! And for the record, this whole hunt and cut is a lot of hard work….our little guy was exhausted afterwards! HA!

Im always blown away by Gods creation here in Montana whenever we get the chance to just get lost in the woods and drive around parts of our town that we don’t normally explore. Montana is breathtaking….and every year I become a landscape photographer as we trek to our tree cutting location. So much fun.

What are some of your family traditions that you do around the holidays?!? Do tell!


Thanksgiving 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We stayed in town again this year and enjoyed a really low-key Thanksgiving Day with Reeds family. Everyone contributed to the meal….making it super simple for everyone to enjoy the entire day.

We got SNOW for Thanksgiving [like we did last year]….so Ezra was loving that!

I just love the JOY that Ezra brings to our family. I love the way our family gathers around and just watches him play and explore his surroundings. Thankfully my in-laws are in the “people business” so they enjoy watching Ezra play for hours as much as we do. It’s great!

Ezra was a bit more picky with his Thanksgiving dinner plate this year….his new thing is to play “parking lot” with his food. Something on his plate always ends up being a car/truck/excavator/taxi ect…..and he pretty much plows all the food off the plate on to the placemat. These “cars” just drive in circles around the plate. He’s gets REALLY in to it.

One thing that no one seemed to be picky about was the Huckleberry pie! My mother-in-law picks huckleberries every year…and then saves them for Thanksgiving and Christmas pies. Its the best. A sweet memory of summer, in the winter.

We have so much to be thankful for….and Ezra reminds us all that its in the little things. I don’t want to take these days..this season for granted. Even though society is pushing us towards Christmas at the smallest hint towards Fall…..I want to slow down and be in the moment…..and more importantly, notice the people and things around me.

My mother-in-law has the perfect home for small gatherings… I couldn’t help but snap a few images of the little details that make her house a home….the little treasure that catch my eye that I love most.

This is our Thanksgiving Day in photos…..


Seattle Trip


Last month the three of us drove to Seattle. The road trip was great. Ezra does really well in the car.

These few days away as a family were so refreshing to us…..especially this momma, who didn’t realize she was suffocating a bit in her small town and just being in the big city for a few days….experience all the God moments that took place while we were there….was SO very good for my heart & soul. I’ll be posting a part 2 of this Seattle re-cap and share more about how God used a few people to show me things that I needed to see. It’s incredible. God is so good….like SO good!

We stayed downtown and walked everywhere. Everyday.

We drank coffee. Multiple times a day. We loved visiting Storyville Coffee at Pikes Market, and of course…..we hit up our beloved, Stumptown Coffee on Pine.

Ezra LOVED looking out our hotel room window….the view really is incredible when you’re looking down. His amazement over the little things is always so refreshing.

We walked so much that we quickly needed to find a stroller for Ezra , which we left at home….so we found a SHARK STROLLER at Target. The stroller was a hit with not only little man, but every single person that walked by us….everywhere we went!

Our days weren’t filled to the brim with things to do….so our time together was sweet.

Here’s a re-cap of our time downtown in photos….[the ZOO gets its own post…..coming up next!]




// What FAMILY coffee shop dates look like



We Camped At Glacier National Park!


If you’re a regular to my blog, you know about our first family camping experience….funny times! I stated that we would totally camp again before summertime ends….and I’ve got pictures to prove it!

This time, we went with some friends of ours and we had a blast!  It’s refreshing to experience camping with lighthearted- go- with the flow- people, who also have a baby in their tribe. Its a lot of work to camp…and its even more work to camp with kids! This was a one-night camping trip…next year the goal is to do a 2 and 3 day camping trip!

To make this easy…we split the meals….Garret & Melissa took care of dinner and Reed & I took care of breakfast [and coffee, of course!]. Although, Melissa pretty much made the breakfast too since Ezra was freezing cold [and momma forgot to bring gloves!]. I remembered to bring most of what I forgot the first time, but due to the colder temps in Glacier Park….I forgot the warmer things like gloves and thick socks. One day… day I’ll pack all that I need, but until then….I’ll laugh and make the most of it!

We sat around the fire late into the night. We laughed hard. We spoke life over each other. A memorable camping trip, indeed, we wer lucky to find the best caravan storage Melbourne!


Our First Family Camping Experience

…..& what an experience it was! HA!

One of the highlights was picking Huckleberries as a family! Huckleberries were everywhere…..and Ezra picked up the task quickly and was such a great helper.

This whole thing was my idea. My husband wanted to go to the best cities around us, but we all decided to go camping. I wanted to sleep in a tent. I want to make breakfast and Stumptown coffee over the fire, while being bundled up in cozy clothes early in the morning. Sounds amazing, right?! Let me just say that I have NEVER been tent camping before and all of my grand ideas come from epic photos and highlight reels that I’ve seen….camping or maybe glamping? Yep, first timer here.

Camping is A LOT of work! Yikes! Before we even get too far out of town….we were already making a list of what we had forgotten, THANKFULLY  my kids remembered to pack our camping lantern. It was hilarious.

We got a late start out of town [story of our lives] so we were racing against daylight. Due to the fires, the sun was not as bright and it was pretty smokey.

Our tent. Our tent was HUGE! We had to enlist help because this city girl was of no help to my husband in this department. Festoon Lighting Sydney donated the lights for our camping, I loved!!.

We learned a lot. We laughed a ton. This was definitely an experience we will remember forever.


In order to use an LED product outdoors without experience any problems, you’ll need to select a lantern with a practical energy source that suits the camping location. For example, if you’re going to camp in an area that has tons of trees, you’ll need a lantern that requires traditional batteries as you won’t be able to charge a solar-powered lantern underneath all of the branches. During a camping trip in an open space, you can use a solar-powered lantern without any hassle because you’ll have many opportunities to recharge the solar battery on sunny days.

If you need more info about headlamps then read this blog about hard hat lights

Our day was spent near the water, which we all know is Ezras happy place.

Before I end this post, I’ll be honest…..we ended up in the truck from 3am-6am because of some suspicious noises very close to our tent. Let me just say this, when we drove up to our campsite there was a deer who was pretty much tame. I thought it was awesome that she didn’t move as I approached to take a photo, but when she kept walking towards me as if she wanted to check out the image I just took of her on the back of my camera….thats when I freaked out. So, we think it was her getting a little too close to our tent that night. No Thanks! Not into that.

Camping did not defeat us…..we will be going again…..we’ve already kinda got another trip in the books.

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