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Sweet Pickin’s Pumpkin Patch

Even though Ezra is still little to fully take in the adventures on a pumpkin patch….we still decided to head on over to Sweet Pickens this past weekend to begin our new yearly family tradition. Reed and I always looked forward to our annual trip to Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, TN….so we are thrilled to have found this pumpkin patch and enjoy this tradition with our sweet son.

It’s so awesome to see Ezra soak up everything around him, including the Trike Trail, Tractor Ride and the Farm Animals! I mean….I can only image what he thinks about pumpkins that are as big as he is! I love seeing his eyes fill with wonder and excitement! He absolutely loves being around other kids….so he was in heaven with little ones to the left and right of him. Everyone is a “baby” to Ezra….and he’d gladly hug everyone in sight. Such a sweet-sweet boy. There’s so many different activities for all ages- so I love that each year will be a little different for our little explorer.

This was such a fun afternoon together as a family… of my favorite things to look forward to each Fall for sure!

Weekend Adventure

We spent a bit of our Sunday with family. Reeds uncle came into town for a few days so Ezra got to meet his GREAT UNCLE for the first time! Ezra’s middle name is Reed, which is daddy’s name, but Reed was named after his uncle Reid, who spells it a bit different. Love it!

Great Grandma Gail visited with us as well! Love this photo of the 4 generations!

Our Little Funny Bunny

Holidays are SO much sweeter with little ones….

This was our first Easter with Ezra. Our first Easter as parents. I loved dressing Ezra up in his Easter best! Such a little dapper man.

Since Ezra is still too young to even understand holidays and traditions- we skipped the whole Easter basket and egg hunting this year, but started a tradition of family dinner…complete with whole wheat bunny bread!

Isn’t this bunny bread adorable? I picked it up at a local cafe this year, but hope to make our a family…as a new tradition!

The sun was shining and among the clear blue skies were little cloud puffs! A picture-perfect day. We decided to enjoy our family dinner outside on our deck….all of our patio furniture is currently being stored in the shed, but Reed took a few things out so this outdoor dinner could happen!

I love this little party of three….

Easter Weekend

Our weekend was busy, but oh so awesome. Super awesome.

As a family, we spent the weekend with our church at the Majestic Valley Arena.

There was a Skull Church event on Good Friday, with music by Thousand Foot Krutch. Easter Sunday included an amazing worship set by Phil Wickham…and of course, a powerful message by Levi Lusko.

I love that Ezra is part of what we do…we intentionally chose not to allow having a new baby keep us from investing time in church and peoples lives. I love that he is seeing us do what we do…..and it really is by Gods grace….because it’s not easy, but so worth it!

/// Phil Wickham

Weekend Adventure

We found an amazing wooden activity toy for Ezra this weekend…and so we sat around and watched him explore with wonder.

We also enjoyed our lazy Saturday morning together….by making raspberry and banana pancakes!
I love my tribe ▲▲▲