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Weekend Adventure

This weekend was super productive for me…..and I blame it on the gorgeous sunshine that we had on Saturday. Seriously, it was so gorgeous and although we spent the majority of our day outside- there was a major pep in my step until the wee hours of the morning. Yikes! Plus, a time change!

I finally got around to making food for Ezra. He’s eating so much these days….and the cost of those awesome squeeze packets at Target are starting to add up! I truly enjoyed this process….and of course, putting a creative touch to this.

I love seeing Reed and Ezra together…I love how they love eachother. Protecting our time as a family and turning off distractions has been so good. There’s so much joy that comes along with being “present” and Im not feeling like I am missing out on anything in regards to social media sites…because these moments matter most.

Lazy day, quiet times, baby in a diaper, cozy socks, monster pajamas….my heart is full.

Weekend Adventure

We spent some time dreaming up ideas for the Red Caboose TWO YEAR anniversary! We’re having a party on Wednesday! I’ll for sure blog the festivities later this week! Can’t believe our little shop has been open for two years!

Weekend Adventure

Another sweet-sweet weekend together. Momma lead worship at Church again…and the boys had their bonding time, but we did enjoy coffee [a latte for me & an americano for him], quiet time, lunch at a cute bistro and the beautiful scene of fresh snow that fell on Friday night.

I love feeling like a tourist as I whip out my camera as I document bits of our weekend. I also love taking photos for myself and for my family. This series is definitely sparking a new love of photography for me….and it’s exciting!

Weekend Adventure

[iphone photo taken by my drummer during rehearsal. thanks Garner!]

It was a busy weekend in Whitefish. We spent the majority of our time at our shop and at church, where I lead worship again this weekend.

Reed and Ezra had more daddy-son time on Saturday, while momma was rehearsing….I really love seeing them together. Reed is such an amazing dad and I love how much he adores Ezra.

I’m really enjoying time away from Social Media on Friday [half-day] and all day Saturday. It’s so nice to be in the moment with my family, while being intentional about documenting bits of our life.

Anyone else joining me in a social media sabbath? It can be any day[s] that you choose- Saturdays just seemed to be a day that I was glued to my phone, while sitting on the couch with my family- not cool. So, thats why I chose a weekend day. I want to make the most of our time together….


Weekend Adventure

WEEKEND ADVENTURES // This is a new weekly blog feature. There are two things that make this feature special.
1. The goal is to document a few little moments [real moments- no styling here!] as a family during the weekend with my real camera. I love using my iPhone, but I want to get back to shooting US with my camera.

2. I am holding myself to a Technology Sabbath. I want need to unplug from social media from time to time…and be present with Reed and Ezra…and my friends. I’m not sure how long this Sabbath will be in effect, but I just feel like I need to unplug on the weekends and re-focus my priorities and in return make sweet memories with my family. Life is just too short. Feel free to join me and blog your weekend adventures!

This weekend was Winter Carnival in Whitefish. The theme was “Pirates on Parade”….so Ezra and I sported our Skull apparel, while our employees got into character….so much fun! The streets get shut down right in front of our cafe and there’s live music, food vendors, a massive parade and good time had by all. The weather was absolutely perfect. And by perfect weather, Im talking 44 degrees, blue sky and sunshine!

Ezra entertained the long line of people waiting for lattes and hot chocolates in the shop. He had a good time….our family weekend was a good one.