Weekend Adventure

This weekend was super productive for me…..and I blame it on the gorgeous sunshine that we had on Saturday. Seriously, it was so gorgeous and although we spent the majority of our day outside- there was a major pep in my step until the wee hours of the morning. Yikes! Plus, a time change!

I finally got around to making food for Ezra. He’s eating so much these days….and the cost of those awesome squeeze packets at Target are starting to add up! I truly enjoyed this process….and of course, putting a creative touch to this.

I love seeing Reed and Ezra together…I love how they love eachother. Protecting our time as a family and turning off distractions has been so good. There’s so much joy that comes along with being “present” and Im not feeling like I am missing out on anything in regards to social media sites…because these moments matter most.

Lazy day, quiet times, baby in a diaper, cozy socks, monster pajamas….my heart is full.


Kristine - I love those pouches too but I totally get “wow, that’s expensive after a bit.” 🙂 Have you seen these? http://www.littlegreenpouch.com/ I just received ours in the mail (love them!) and the company has some yummy recipes too. Happy food making!


ashley - he’s so chunky + adorable!!! you ARE super mom. 🙂

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