Homemade Baby Food

I’ve been wanting to make my own batch of purees for Ezra for a while, but as motherhood and entrepreneurialism goes….I’m just not getting around to it! This might sound crazy, but I truly enjoyed this process. I kinda felt like super mom for about an hour. HA!

For this first round- I went with basics. Even though Ezra has had a variety of food combinations already…I just wanted to start fresh. A friend of mine [who I hope starts a food blog soon!!] reminded me that right now is where Ezra begins to experience different flavors…and it’s really hard to distinguish different tastes/flavors when they are combined with others. There are so many creative combinations that I want to try making on my own, when I don’t make the baby food I like to buy the best organic baby formula in the market, but for now….I used the baby bullet to puree Organic apples, pears, blueberries, spinach and broccoli!

I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday and was asked about the process. I should have photographed step-by-step, but I didn’t [but it’s super simple]. When I do the fun food combinations- I will document that for sure!

I bought whole Organic apples, pears and blueberries….the pears were a little hard so I added a bit of warm water as I blended it. I also had frozen Organic broccoli and spinach already on hand so I just used that for this round. These were already chopped, but I did add a bit of warm water to get the consistency that I wanted.

Lastly, I used a combination of colorful tape to mark each mason jar so I [or anyone else for that matter] could easily determine what each jar contained. More photos can be found in this post.

What food combinations have you mommas made for your little ones? I love all these vivid colors!


Kelly C. - I loved making homemade baby food for my girls. A fav (besides pears) was mango, yams, and green peas. 🙂


Kayla Henley - I love making Arlie’s baby food. I use ice cube trays. Are you freezing the jars and defrosting per day?


Molly - I loved those pouches too- until I realized how many teaspoons of sugar was in them 🙁


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