Weekend Adventure

[iphone photo taken by my drummer during rehearsal. thanks Garner!]

It was a busy weekend in Whitefish. We spent the majority of our time at our shop and at church, where I lead worship again this weekend.

Reed and Ezra had more daddy-son time on Saturday, while momma was rehearsing….I really love seeing them together. Reed is such an amazing dad and I love how much he adores Ezra.

I’m really enjoying time away from Social Media on Friday [half-day] and all day Saturday. It’s so nice to be in the moment with my family, while being intentional about documenting bits of our life.

Anyone else joining me in a social media sabbath? It can be any day[s] that you choose- Saturdays just seemed to be a day that I was glued to my phone, while sitting on the couch with my family- not cool. So, thats why I chose a weekend day. I want to make the most of our time together….


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