My Little Valentine

A baby definitely breathes new life into holidays….especially into the ones I never really made a big deal of, like Halloween and Valentines Day. Now…it’s worthy of finding a holiday spirit in exchange for the cutest photos, right?!?

I found a wool heart garland at Target a few weeks ago and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I sent a text to my neighbor Lindsey, who is also a photographer and asked if she wanted to photo swap. I’ve talked about this before, but moms need to be in more photos with their kids [and yes, dads too!]. Even as a photographer- I really don’t have that many photos of Ezra and I together. So, back to the garland….I was inspired to plan a super low key…mini photoshoot.

You don’t have to plan for a long-drawn out session. Ezra could only handle about 20 minutes right about now, before getting distracted and just over-it. So, the goal was 10 minutes, a plain white wall, a fun garland and me and my boy. Easy! I’m so thankful that I took the bit of time to plan this out and see it through….I hope this encourages a few mommas to do the same. It doesn’t take much….just a little vision and follow through!

Thanks again Lindsey…I love these photos with all my heart. xo

//// And a favorite that I took of Lindsey and little E.


Jen - As a photographer, I find it hard to get myself into photos – even without a little one. I think you’re right about more momma & baby photos, and I try to always capture those for friends and family when we’re all out and about with little ones. Love that little garland, too! Wish we lived in an area of Montana with a Target.. oh well, a girl can dream. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Allyson - These are so simple, but adorable. Totally in love with the last one of you and E. I love the little look you are sharing! 🙂


becka - So so true kelli! I never seem to make it into pictures – I joke that my children may look back and think they had an absentee mother. 🙂 Thinking of scheduling a shoot now for ME and the kids…!

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