Seven Months

Seriously? My baby is SEVEN MONTHS old already? We are over half way to his 1st birthday! I can’t believe this.

Well, this month was another fun one:

1. TWO MORE TEETH! Thats right- we’ve seen two teeth pop up a month for the last three months….making this a total of 6 teeth for our little guy.

2. Someone discovered their tongue. Ezra sticks his tongue out all day long….he keeps out to smile too! So funny.

3. Getting someone dressed is becoming difficult. Ezra has started to throw a little fit whenever we put anything over his head- he’s not a fan of this. At all.

Oh Ezra….I selfishly want you to stop growing so fast. You are such a big boy- can we talk about your thunder thighs and your total weight being 22 pounds? You’re definitely not a baby-baby anymore. You know what food is….our dinner experiences aren’t the same anymore….you want everything that we put in our mouth!
We love you so much- and really can’t imagine how we ever lived our lives together without you. We thank God for you everyday. We pray over you every night….that you would love Jesus with all your heart and that you would be used to make Jesus famous. We believe this for your life- your name means “Gods Help” so what a perfect helper you will be!

momma & daddy


Allyson - His eyes are the most gorgeous green! Love.

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