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Our 4th of July Tradition


I love this tradition we have [this is our 4th consecutive year to document this]…..It started during my weekly photo maternity series, [week 39] July 2012.

The owners of the firework stand are the sweetest and welcome us with open arms, year after year. They love seeing how much Ezra has grown…..and always mention how they remember us stopping by just days before he was born, to take a photo holding a big firecracker.



This year we had a fireworks ban all across NW Montana. I’ll be honest, it was sad to miss out on all the sparks lighting up the sky on the 4th of July. I love the 4th of July and one of my favorite songs is the National Anthem… naturally I love celebrating in all its glory. Therefore, we stocked up on sparklers and smoke bombs to use later this summer.

Well, I cant believe my baby is about to turn THREE on Monday!!!! The time is flying by….so thanks at kratommasters for the celebration Im savoring the little moments, traditions and memory making.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!


Happy 4th Of July!

IMG_8093It has become a tradition to stop at our local fireworks stand and take a photo together.

It all started 2 years ago when I used the firework stand as my backdrop from my WEEK 39 blog post for my weekly maternity series.

We stopped by the stand yesterday afternoon and the owners remembered us from 2012 and 2013, and couldn’t believe how big Ezra was. I love that they remember this. I love that when we left they told us “thank you for celebrating with us.” So sweet.

Yes, my baby is HUGE! And my baby is turning 2 in 2 days!!!!! Can’t believe this.

It’s hard to snap photos these days….Ezra is a busy boy who is very curios, so introducing him to new and fun locations is always fun, but even more of a challenge to get him to stand or sit still for a photo! I love the ones that we got though…..

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! We indeed have so much to be thankful for. Our freedoms are so very precious.

Handsome Valentine

This is the second annual Valentine photo session that my neighbor Lindsey and I have collaborated on together. Just us and our boys. I love this tradition that we started……and although it takes a bit of time, planning [and patience], it’s totally worth it. As photographers, we dream up ideas for everybody else….so it’s fun and rewarding to carve out a bit of time and do the same for ourselves. Our set ups are always simple….white wall, a Valentine garland and our little loves. Due to the age of our boys….we’re talking 10-15 minutes max [and a whole lot of peek-a-boo and cookies!]. You can see last years set up here.

Seriously, I’d love to encourage all you mommas out there to get together with a fellow momma friend and just get in photos with your little ones. Believe me….it’s easy to just put it off, but once you do it…..the reward is such a treasure.

Hope you all have a sweet Valentines Day with your loves.
x’s & o’s


// Here are a few of my favorites of Lindsey and her little guy [with a rad tattoo!]


I’m a baby wearing momma…and proud of it! Yes, my son is huge….but wearing him in a well constructed carrier is easier on me than on my hip alone. Can’t really do that anymore.

I purchased the BOBA 3G earlier this summer and it has never left my diaper bag or car. It’s my go to- every time. When the opportunity to partner with BOBA came my way…..I was super stoked. It’s easy to talk about products that I love…..and I love sharing my favorite products with you!

The BOBA AIR is super lightweight and the material is thin….think Jansport backpack. I love that this carrier rolls up into it’s own bag…..this thing contains itself, which is perfect for the on-the-go mom! I also love that all the tightening straps [shoulders, chest and waist] roll up to eliminate having any dangly fabric. The design and craftsmanship is thought out and very well executed. I really love this color blue too!

I’ve been on long hikes, walks around the lake and have pulled long hours at our shop with baby in tow. What I truly love the most about the BOBA carriers [both the 3G and Air] is how comfortable they are. This is a huge plus for me… I love being able to wear Ezra [all 27 pounds of him] and have him part of my everyday, without sacrificing my back.

Here are a few images from an evening at the lake….and how I wear the BOBA AIR.

MOMMA STYLE: Famous Footwear

Motherhood is a busy job. It’s a job that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but with it comes sacrifice. I rarely get to take all the time that I want or need when getting ready in the morning. I guess I could get up before Ezra wakes, but I choose sleep. So, with this being the case…..Im always on the look out for staple closet pieces that go along with my lifestyle- always on the go!

Right now….a walk around the block, a bike ride and playing in the grass at the park are all adventures that happen on a daily basis. I guess you can say there’s a bit of SPORTY SPICE happening in my life right now. HA! My daily routine includes t-shirts, jeans and flats, but recently I had been on the hunt for a fun tennis shoe. A shoe that wasn’t chunky, in a boring color or without a hint of fabulous. Come on….you know what I am talking about!

Well, I found the most adorable shoe EVER! I mean, who doesn’t like camo? Could it be MONTANA coming out in me?

A few weeks ago, Famous Footwear contact me about a collaboration…and I knew exactly what I was hoping to find. Nikes were on my mind….and I was super excited to see their awesome collection of Nikes in-store. SO many great styles- for men, women & kids. Why do teeny tiny Nikes make my heart skip a beat? So cute!

As soon as I saw “little runner” by Nike…..I knew this shoe was for me. Ahhhhhhh! Favorite shoe for my adventures with my little explorer! [these shoes are on SALE right now- they are also sold at Nordstrom- at full price]. I love the fit [if you’re in between sizes- definitely size up] and the design is unique- just enough “fabulous” but nothing that stands out too much. It a perfect everyday tennis shoe that you can work out in…or just play around in.

We have a Famous Footwear here in Kalispell, but they just celebrated a grand opening in Havre, Montana….and a store in Missoula & Great Falls will be opening this Fall! So good!

// Outfit Details: Top c/o Harlow | Jeans by AG | Shoes c/o Famous Footwear

/// Photography by Jeremiah & Rachel **last two photo by my husband, Reed.