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My Little Valentine

A baby definitely breathes new life into holidays….especially into the ones I never really made a big deal of, like Halloween and Valentines Day. Now…it’s worthy of finding a holiday spirit in exchange for the cutest photos, right?!?

I found a wool heart garland at Target a few weeks ago and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I sent a text to my neighbor Lindsey, who is also a photographer and asked if she wanted to photo swap. I’ve talked about this before, but moms need to be in more photos with their kids [and yes, dads too!]. Even as a photographer- I really don’t have that many photos of Ezra and I together. So, back to the garland….I was inspired to plan a super low key…mini photoshoot.

You don’t have to plan for a long-drawn out session. Ezra could only handle about 20 minutes right about now, before getting distracted and just over-it. So, the goal was 10 minutes, a plain white wall, a fun garland and me and my boy. Easy! I’m so thankful that I took the bit of time to plan this out and see it through….I hope this encourages a few mommas to do the same. It doesn’t take much….just a little vision and follow through!

Thanks again Lindsey…I love these photos with all my heart. xo

//// And a favorite that I took of Lindsey and little E.

Momma Style: HARLOW

Welcome to the 2nd installment of MOMMA STYLE!

This weeks MOMMA STYLE is a collaboration with HARLOW, a super cute boutique just around the corner from the Red Caboose! I am SO excited that Becky opened up this shop- it’s not only a style of shop that you would find in New York, Nashville or LA, but it’s oh so fabulous on the inside. I’ll be photographing her boutique soon so you can see for yourself!

Im a huge fan of skinny jeans and boots….it’s simple and easy…and depending on what you pair with it, you can dress this look up or down. I fell in love with this sweater and I think it’s PERFECT for all the mommas out there. I love that the sleeves are more fitting and lots of swing movement at the bottom! Perfect, right? And these colors…perfect for Fall!

There are many different places to find skinny jeans right now so grab a pair [or two] and just have fun keeping an eye out for unique sweaters that work with our sometimes crazy busy lifestyle.

Outfit Details: Sweater by Demylee Cashmere | Tank by Groceries | Jeans by JBrand | Shoes by J Shoes


Momma Style: Polka Dots

INTRODUCING a new series on the blog here….MOMMA STYLE!

I know. I know. Who wants to dress like a MOM?!?!? Thats what I was thinking pre- Ezra, but now that I am a momma….I completely get it. It’s hard to squeeze in the time for a shower…let alone come up with a cute outfit… wear where again?!?

Well, I think it’s still important to put effort into how I look, especially for my husband. I’ve always enjoyed fashion & make-up, but I’ve just had to be more creative/flexible with it all. I don’t have the time to do a full face of make-up everyday…so I’ve condensed my routine [i’ll blog that later] and as for wardrobe…I always keep my eye out for unique pieces that could compliment jeans or a skirt, without much fuss. Oh and ACCESSORIES!!! My favorite. A super easy way to spice up any outfit!

I love this navy & white polka dot top. It’s super sheer and you could totally wear this a few different ways- I opted to go safe and wear a longer tank underneath.

Outfit Details: Top c/o Harlow // Jeans by Imogene + Willie // Boots by Frye // Bracelet:: Jcrew