Christmas Sugar Cookies

IMG_0483January is SO for catching up on the Christmas season blog posts. It’s just the way it is…..and Im completely fine with this. To be honest, Im just know getting inspired to be blogging again…..I loved all the family time we had together and the last place I wanted to be was behind my computer screen. But now….Im excited to be sharing what kept us all busy these past few weeks.

I didn’t grow up baking Christmas cookies…I think we did it a few times, but it wasn’t a tradition in our home. Reed on the other hand…this was a tradition year after for him. Although I have wonderful Christmas memories and traditions from my childhood- this was not one of them, but I’ve decided that I for sure want this to be something we do with our kids. Time in the kitchen together is a great way to create memories.
One fun surprise came from my favorite diaper company, Honest Company Diapers. They gifted us organic Sugar Cookie mix and a cute snowflake cookie cutter! This definitely inspired me to get into the Christmas baking spirit….with Ezra by my side.

This was our first baking experience….and Ezra did great! Of course, he could’t bake without his trains….or sneaking in a a few bites of the cookie dough. We baked cookies at my in-laws house and aunt Haley joined in on the fun too!

Here’s a peek at the process…and a tradition that I hope will stick with us year after year.

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions…


This is our third year as a family of three… make a Christmas ornament for our tree.  I love this tradition and I look forward to it every year.

The first two years were really momma & daddy projects- Reed held Ezra tight and still, while I painted his hand and pressed it against the cold white round ornament shaped ceramic piece. There were tears both times. Ezra was not a fan. Oh, but how we LOVE these ornaments now!

This year, we let Ezra pick out his ornament…..and we were so not surprised when he picked “Olaf” [the snowman].

As much as I wanted to help….and paint the black hat and buttons and such…..this was Ezra’s work of art and he did exactly what he wanted. And you know what?!?! I love how it turned out. It’s perfect.

What Christmas traditions do you have with your family??! Next year I’d like to do an Advent activity for sure. Do any of you have any recommendations?



52 / 52


“a portrait of Ezra, once a week…every week, in 2014.”
Our handsome little guy is quickly turning into our handsome little man.

This is the FINALE to this 52 week series. The entire set of images can be found by clicking here. Few have asked if this was a hard project to stick with. To be honest- there were some weeks that were harder than others [around holidays especially], but I am SO very glad that I stuck with this to the very end. The goal all along was to have a collection of images that I would print into a book. I have archived these blog posts so it will be easy to pull from and print. I truly enjoyed documenting this series….this images are a treasure to Reed and I. I plan on starting a similar project for 2015!