Our 4th Of July

We celebrated AMERICA on the lake with family.

My sister in-law Haley and her fiancé Ty were in town from Salt Lake- they were in town, putting final touches on wedding plans. It was a sweet surprise to have Ty’s parents in town as well!

We ate, we laughed and we played games…..we played games so late that we missed the fireworks in Whitefish! It all worked out for good. Since it doesn’t get dark here till 10pm or so…..the fireworks don’t start till 10:30-11pm……so we ended watching a few different firework shows on the way home, while Ezra slept. I have a feeling that he’s still a bit young to enjoy loud popping and crackling noises….maybe next year…..’cause its one of mommas favorite days of the year!

Our little man wasn’t feeling well all weekend….we even had to bump his birthday party to this weekend. He’s on the mend now…so thankful for that.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Our FREEDOM is so very precious….we are so very thankful.





Happy 4th Of July!

IMG_8093It has become a tradition to stop at our local fireworks stand and take a photo together.

It all started 2 years ago when I used the firework stand as my backdrop from my WEEK 39 blog post for my weekly maternity series.

We stopped by the stand yesterday afternoon and the owners remembered us from 2012 and 2013, and couldn’t believe how big Ezra was. I love that they remember this. I love that when we left they told us “thank you for celebrating with us.” So sweet.

Yes, my baby is HUGE! And my baby is turning 2 in 2 days!!!!! Can’t believe this.

It’s hard to snap photos these days….Ezra is a busy boy who is very curios, so introducing him to new and fun locations is always fun, but even more of a challenge to get him to stand or sit still for a photo! I love the ones that we got though…..

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! We indeed have so much to be thankful for. Our freedoms are so very precious.

For The Love Of Photography

IMG_5687Get me outdoors with a camera + a few friends willing to have me photograph them is my happy place.

These two. Andrew & Patty.
No, not a couple….but current and past employees at our coffee shop.
They love Jesus and have a heart for people….and taking that a step further, connecting with people. These are my kind of people here…so proud of them. Proud of where they are now and where they are headed.

We adventured into Glacier National Park last month and just enjoyed the day away. The weather started to turn on us and began to sprinkle. The light was just right. So, in front of my camera is where they ended up.

I love it when my subjects trust me. When they just let go and allow me to photograph them- the real person underneath their skin and bones.

This was fun. Thanks guys!

Birthday Party At The Cabin

We celebrated Reeds birthday out at the family cabin on the lake over the weekend. Just a small gathering with a few dear friends.

My friend Hollie helped me put together the most wonderfully delicious meal….she truly inspires me to want to cook more often. It was awesome to be in kitchen with friends….preparing a meal…..then enjoying it together on the deck. Although I was tempted to just thrown on the usual- turkey burgers, but instead……I made homemade bread, watermelon salad, couscous and chicken & veggie kabobs. Thinking this just might be our 4th of July meal!

Reed is so loved….and it was a pretty special day,  honoring him.


*thanks for the wonderful cake, Jessy!