The Fern, The Feather & The Fox


Theres nothing greater than seeing your work in print. Whether its a wall print, hanging in a clients home or gracing pages of a magazine.

Im thrilled to finally be able to share images of this photoshoot from last summer. It was REALLY hard to keep this hidden on my hard drive, anxiously awaiting to see it in print….in a beautiful publication called SMITTEN MAGAZINE. VOL 12 was just released and you can view the entire magazine online, or purchase a copy to be held in your hands. Whats even more exciting is that you can not only find one feature of mine, but TWO in this gorgeous magazine, available worldwide.


This was a collaboration between Darci & Arden of Beargrass Gardens and I. Our gaol was simple….to create something that inspired us deeply. To create and dream on a whole new level. To push boundaries and stretch far from our comfort zones. A personal project that we would put 100% of our heart into…..

When deciding on a theme, Darci instantly thought of “FORAGING”.  Finding beautiful and natural florals and botanicals growing right in her backyard.  Darci and Arden woke up early the day of the shoot and explored the woods and their property to find what would make up everything for our beautiful Bride.  We were all truly inspired and with this styled shoot, and our hope is to inspire others to simply look at their surroundings and imagine what can be created with the beautiful “basics” the Earth provides. I mean, we live in Montana and what better place to find natural treasures and photographing them in their element.

It’s truly an honor to have these images grace SMITTEN MAGAZINE. Thank you to Becky for choosing this to be included in Vol 12.

Below are a few of my favorite images from this shoot.

Photography: Kelli Trontel
Styling & Florals: Beargrass Gardens Floral & Events
Dress: Gossamer
Ribbon: Silk & Willow
Model: Brooke O’Briant


Birthday Party!


I love having people over at our house……whether its an intimate dinner party, or just a casual hang. I prefer hanging out on the deck, closer to dusk with the string lights plugged glowing, adding to the charming ambiance.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants [Tupelo] in Whitefish for my birthday dinner earlier in the week…..but a few friends joined us on the deck for a little get together over the weekend. It really wasn’t about my birthday at all….it was an excuse to gather a few people that I love for an evening of good conversations, cupcakes [thanks Ashley!] and summer cocktails.

As friends of mine asked me about the “guest list” this was my answer. Invite everyone. If they know me. If they like me. If they want to get to know me. All are welcome. So, the evening was filled with a few of our dear friends, sweet employees, customers from our shop, musicians that I lead worship with and a few Fresh Life interns. This evening wasn’t about cliques or groups, but about gathering together.

This year, we celebrated each of our birthdays outdoors. HELLO SUMMER BIRTHDAYS! Such fun memories we’ve had, especially on our back deck. I love it.