We Camped At Glacier National Park!


If you’re a regular to my blog, you know about our first family camping experience….funny times! I stated that we would totally camp again before summertime ends….and I’ve got pictures to prove it!

This time, we went with some friends of ours and we had a blast!  It’s refreshing to experience camping with lighthearted- go- with the flow- people, who also have a baby in their tribe. Its a lot of work to camp…and its even more work to camp with kids! This was a one-night camping trip…next year the goal is to do a 2 and 3 day camping trip!

To make this easy…we split the meals….Garret & Melissa took care of dinner and Reed & I took care of breakfast [and coffee, of course!]. Although, Melissa pretty much made the breakfast too since Ezra was freezing cold [and momma forgot to bring gloves!]. I remembered to bring most of what I forgot the first time, but due to the colder temps in Glacier Park….I forgot the warmer things like gloves and thick socks. One day…..one day I’ll pack all that I need, but until then….I’ll laugh and make the most of it!

We sat around the fire late into the night. We laughed hard. We spoke life over each other. A memorable camping trip, indeed!


Red Caboose TSHIRTS!


I haven’t been that great about blogging a huge part of life, which is the adorable frozen yogurt + coffee shop that my husband and I own and operate. CRAZY, huh?! Well, heres to sharing more about the Red Caboose…..

For the first time ever [I know, crazy!] we printed Red Caboose Tshirts! We collaborated with Tyler Thorney on the art and had the privilege of working with Seneca Press as our printer. I absolutely love how these turned out. We printed on the softest American Apparel tee I could find. It’s perfect.

If you’re not local, but you’re interested in purchasing a tee…..EMAIL US: hello at red caboose frozen yogurt dot com
I’ll ship one of these out to you ASAP! Only a few sizes left in each size….so don’t miss out, we won’t be printing more tshirts till after the new year. You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

I grabbed a few of our staff for a quick photoshoot out behind our shop….we seriously have a great team. I mean, how adorable are these baristas?!?



// Photos edited with The Lightroom Collection by my friends over at A Beautiful Mess