Dinner Party!

backyard dinner party

Last night I hosted a small dinner party on our back deck, in honor of Reed. He didn’t want it to be about him, but it was, of course. The people that gathered together love Reed….honor and respect him greatly. We were definitely in good company and we are thankful for these friendships in our life.

My dear friend Hollie helped me put together the menu. She’s an amazing cook….and inspires me in so many ways when it comes to being in the kitchen and feeding my family. Reed LOVES Hollies cooking [no , this doesn’t bother me one bit]….so if her and her husband couldn’t be here [they live in Portland] the next best thing was to make a Hollie meal. She helped me put together the menu and we skyped each other as I was chopping away in the kitchen! Seriously, who takes the time to cook with you over Skype? Hollie does [and I miss her like crazy].

Main course:: Grilled chicken topped with peach salsa; Watermelon salad with goat cheese; Potato salad
Dessert:: Strawberry Shortcake
Specialty cocktail:: Glacier Ginger Brew + shot of Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey [optional]

Last night reminded me how much I enjoy hosting small gatherings. One of my goals this summer is to host more dinners on our deck. Nothing beats face to face conversations, along with a good meal, of course! Who’s coming over?

Here’s a glimpse into our evening celebrating Reed….

Happy Birthday, Reed

Happy Birthday Reed

Today we celebrated Reed. He’s a simple man who’s known for his love, loyalty and entrepreneurial ways. 
He’s a solid husband and the sweetest dad ever.

Reed, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for being you and constantly striving to better yourself [physically, mentally & spiritually]. You inspire me in so many ways and I am so blessed to call you mine. There’s no one else I’d rather adventure through this life with. You are living out a legacy for your family and I am so very proud of you. 

You are loved. You are valued. You are honored. 


Happy Birthday, husband 🍰 xoxoxoxoxo

Girls Trip to Northern California

It had been one year since we “Kelli & Vanessa” were together…..face to face. And about 7 years since we were together sans kids. While on our trip to Northern California [Morgan Hill, Monterey, San Jose & San Francisco] we figured out that we’ve never really been on a “girls / just because” trip. So, needless to say….this time together was pretty special…..and we soaked every moment in.

We are speaking at the Pursuit Conference in October so this is what sparked the idea of planning our trip- so we could work on our talking points together. Of course we worked on our talk, but we also were very intentional about exploring and adventuring together.

The best part of the trip for us was just spending every minute together. Whether we were laughing, tearing up from honest and raw conversations, staying up late, sleeping in, talking photography and oils…..it was too much fun.

We decided to split our trip up into a few different blog posts, so below are our images from Monterey, where we walked around Fishermans Wharf & Lovers Point Beach. The weather was great! Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. HA! It was HOT to the Montana girl and COLD to the Texas gal.

Vanessa had NEVER had clam chowder so what better place to try the real deal at The Fish Hopper, right on the water!

Monterey is such a charming city…..very family friendly….and just beautiful.

Here’s a glimpse into our California adventures!



Part 2 : San Francisco coming soon!

Fathers Day At The Lake

Ezra and I planned a day at the cabin on the lake to celebrate Fathers Da. Daddy looooves the cabin so any chance we get to escape and spent time on the boat and in the water….is definitely Reeds happy place. This weekend was really fun because Ezra took a lot of interest in the boat. He steered all by himself [lots of circles] and also help us dock the boat.

Seeing my husband as a dad is one thing that makes my heart burst.

Reed is kind and encouraging. He is honest and loyal. He is wild at heart. A true Montana man.

What I love most about Reed as a dad is the way he is patient in teaching Ezra new things. The way he speaks life over our little arrow…to be fierce, to be wild and to be passionate.

I love my boys. And I love seeing them together.

Our Fathers Day consisted of wild boating, rock skipping, loud laughs and almond butter & jelly sandwiches.

I love you, Reed. Thank you for being such an amazing dad. Not only with words, but in the way you live your life.

Happy Fathers Day! xo