Ezra’s First Field Trip!


Last week was an exciting one. Not only did Ezra go on his first field trip, but he got to ride “THE BUS!!!!”

Ezra has always been obsessed with school busses….and to this day, still sings and watches “The Wheels On The Bus.” Its a thing….and I love it! I know that before long, I won’t be hearing him sing songs like this anymore. He’ll move on….

His Pre-K class went to the adorable Sweet Pickin’s Pumpkin Patch. What made it even more special is that Reed and I both got to go too! Not very many dads get to take time off of work for things like this…..so we were super thankful to spend the morning with daddy.

It’s been fun seeing Ezra interact with his classmates, while making his own little friendships. Theres 8 kids in his class….and they are adorable.



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