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Portland Adventure

Last month we drove to Portland, Oregon for another coffee training at Stumptown Coffee headquarters. This time we brought Chelsea [one of our fine baristas] along with us. The last time we were there, Ezra was just 3 months old….so it was fun to adventure the city with our curious little man this time around.

Our trip also included a super windy day at Canon Beach. The view was spectacular, but we’ll definitely have to visit again on a more calm day…..sand was flying around everywhere and we almost lost Ezra’s stroller with him in it- as the wind pushed him down the beach! Yikes!

Oh I love Portland…..such beautiful scenery, creative people, so much good food and fabulous coffee, of course. A few of our favorite stops included Salt&Straw and Goorin Hat Co.

I actually left my camera at home, but thankfully we were staying with a photographer friend, who was kind enough to let me take her camera out for a few days. Here are a few details from our trip….including a rare portrait of just Reed & I [iPhone photo, yes….but we are finally in a photo together].



Stumptown Coffee

Last month we drove out to Portland, Oregon for another coffee training at Stumptown Coffee headquarters. This time we brought Chelsea, one of our Red Caboose baristas with us…..our minds were exploding with so much goodness.

I absolutely love Stumptown. Not only is their coffee arguably one of the tops in the industry, but everyone who is involved within the company is super legit. Super nice. So accommodating. Very Knowledgeable. Like Family. Being that we are in a completely different state than our coffee roaster- its incredible to have the relationships that we do with them. Stumptown cares. They genuinely care about people…..and this is why I love them dearly and stand behind their product with all my heart. It really is an honor to be partnered with them.

Another thing that I love about Stumptown is how hands on they are. They know their farmers. Every aspect of their process is handled and touched by a human being. I love meeting the faces that work in the roastery and pack up our weekly shipments of beans. It’s awesome.

Stumptown has a reason to be proud of what they have created, however they are not prideful or have an arrogance about them. This was Chelseas take-away from the weekend. There’s some super snob-y coffee folks out there [even in our small community] and its really refreshing to be around people doing great things, without the attitude.

Ezra loved his time at headquarters as well! The last time he was there with us- he was only 3 months old…this time we has hanging out like he owned the place! I love that we get to do this as a family….

Reed and I have decided that a trip to Portland once a year is something we’d love to do…..and that means that we get to swing by headquarters and soak up more knowledge from the fine folks at Stumptown…

Here’s a peak into our Stumptown Coffee adventure…..

OH! Did I mention that we had the opportunity to meet the founder of Stumptown? Yea, super awesome to meet Mr. Duane Sorenson. Read his latest article in Bon Appétit!

Coffee Shop Theme :: Summer Adventure!

Every season….we dream up a new theme for our cafe. I love my creative buddy [Carrie Rowe] who is equally excited about the interior of Red Caboose as I am. True friend- right there! I love our local flower shop on our street too- Cara is always brightening up our space with fresh flowers!

This summers theme is ADVENTURE! You’ll find elements of summertime festivities….whether its camping, picnicking, hiking through a forrest, fishing, golfing, canoeing or traveling around the world…’ll be reminded of these moments in life, inside our shop!

Two years ago we posted a US & WORLD map and had our guests pin where they were ADVENTURING from….we did this again this year and it’s so amazing to see how far people have come to visit our cozy little town- Whitefish, Montana!

We’ve got a new baker who is whipping up some fabulous pastries for us….if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see lots of these treats + heart filled lattes!

Here’s a peek inside the Red Caboose…..

Life, Liberty & Cold Brew

Our staff… amazing. We truly are blessed to have such a solid team at our cafe. I love how passionate they are about people, fashion….and coffee, of course.

We never mentioned a word about dressing up for their 4th of July shift……but I was stoked to see each of them arrive in their holiday flair. I had my camera on hand and just had to pull them away to do a little shoot around the corner! How cute are they?!?

Red Caboose Photoshoot

We just launched our Red Caboose website, but I wanted to share a few more images that I love so much from the photoshoot we did with Jeremiah & Rachel!

Jeremiah & Rachel are local photographers who have become sweet friends to us….and who also support our little shop. They love coffee. They are creative. We are a perfect fit. They contacted me about doing a collaboration and we just so happened to be dreaming up ideas for a website- so we decided this would be the project. We had a blast with them… was an honor to have this season in our life documented. These photos mean so much to us.

They captured the core of our shop- the details, the community within our staff and of course, little Ezra. I absolutely love the Red Caboose. I’ve never questioned how special our place is, but these images really do remind me how magical things are inside the four walls. I pinch myself daily….I really get to own and operate a fantastic frozen yogurt + coffee shop in Whitefish, Montana! God is awesome. So good.

Thank you so much, Jeremiah & Rachel. We adore you guys. Thank you for loving us so well…and blessing us with your talent.