Coffee Shop Theme :: Summer Adventure!

Every season….we dream up a new theme for our cafe. I love my creative buddy [Carrie Rowe] who is equally excited about the interior of Red Caboose as I am. True friend- right there! I love our local flower shop on our street too- Cara is always brightening up our space with fresh flowers!

This summers theme is ADVENTURE! You’ll find elements of summertime festivities….whether its camping, picnicking, hiking through a forrest, fishing, golfing, canoeing or traveling around the world…’ll be reminded of these moments in life, inside our shop!

Two years ago we posted a US & WORLD map and had our guests pin where they were ADVENTURING from….we did this again this year and it’s so amazing to see how far people have come to visit our cozy little town- Whitefish, Montana!

We’ve got a new baker who is whipping up some fabulous pastries for us….if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see lots of these treats + heart filled lattes!

Here’s a peek inside the Red Caboose…..


Iquo - I love it! It looks so cozy!


Carrie Rowe - I love this sweet shop and I love dreaming up creative ideas with you!

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