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Red Caboose Website!

I am so excited to announce the unveiling of the Red Caboose website!! We have been utilizing Facebook since we opened our doors in 2011, but felt it was time to have a personal site….that reflects who we are and shares a bit of our story.

A huge thank you to Tyler Thorney, who designed the site for us. He was awesome to collaborate with and we are really happy with our site. Simple, with a bit of whimsy was the goal…and he executed it well! If you are looking for a designer….he’s your guy! Check out his work here.

We also want to thank Jeremiah & Rachel for hanging out with us for a day….and photographing our shop & our staff! Jeremiah and Rachel are amazing photographers and sweet friends of ours. They are creative and have a passion for coffee- so it was a natural fit! The majority of the photos on our site were shot by them. Check out their work- be inspired!

Without further ado….go and check out our website. My favorite page is “Our Story.” Our employee Mikey had a blast writing all of our bio’s. So fun!

Thank you all for supporting our adventure!

Red Caboose Turns 2!

Last week our cafe turned TWO years old…and yesterday we celebrated with FREE cake batter + sprinkles for our little town to enjoy! We definitely don’t take this milestone for granted [our first dollar that we made is up on the wall and reminds us of where we started]. Everyday is a new day and every single person that walks through our doors is a blessing.

We created an environment that we believe in. We serve products that we 100% stand behind. And our vision is simple… love people, while creating an inspiring environment where people can dream bigger dreams and spend quality time with family and friends. Frozen yogurt and Coffee are just the cherries on top!

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our grand opening and it was awesome to celebrate this day with many of those same faces, plus new ones. We have been supported in such a big way and we are thankful for this. We took a huge leap of Faith when we moved from Nashville, TN to Whitefish, MT to open this shop [there are many links that take you through our journey if you click on “grand opening”]…..and know without a doubt that we are planted in this community for a purpose [far beyond what we could ever imagine].

We just wanted to THANK YOU. Whether you are a local, who frequents our cafe or a friend, a family member or someone who saw our episode of House Hunters and reached out to us with an encouraging word…..we appreciate your support.

reed, kelli + ezra

Weekend Adventure

We spent some time dreaming up ideas for the Red Caboose TWO YEAR anniversary! We’re having a party on Wednesday! I’ll for sure blog the festivities later this week! Can’t believe our little shop has been open for two years!

Red Caboose Punch Cards

I just received an exciting package in the mail- from the printer…..our first run of punch cards for our shop! We’ve been open two years now and we are just rolling out a loyalty program. This was something we wanted to do from the beginning, but we focused heavily on social media and promoted Happy Hours [buy one + get one FREE] and Flavor Specials in it’s place. Im excited to see how this goes for us…..

Im loving how these cards turned out….so cute!

*punchcard illustration by Tyler Thorney.

Red Caboose Photoshoot

Just a few behind the scenes from last weeks photoshoot at our coffee shop…So excited to tell more of our story through photos. Thank you to Jeremiah & Rachel for seeing our vision and being stoked to document it!

We seriously have the best team ever…always have. I love these kids so much!