Red Caboose Frozen Yogurt + Coffee

Happy Friday!

Goodness, I feel like I have neglected my blog….but I really do have a legitimate excuse for not updating this space with lots of photos and ramblings. My excuse….The Red Caboose!

This post is filled with lots of links due to a lot of backstory for all of this to make sense….so I encourage you to take the time to read it all- it’s amazing to see all the pieces fit together.

Thats right! Reed and I have finally opened the doors to the adventure that brought us to Whitefish, MT from Nashville, TN. Wow. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. Im overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions as I look back on these last 7 months. There is no way that we could credit ourselves for all that has taken place in our life lately. Our transition from one state to another has been seamless. I’ll say that again, SEAMLESS! That alone is incredible and is a perfect example of how our path has been paved for us- long before we even begun.

Two weeks ago today we opened the doors to the Red Caboose. However, that day met me with a stream of tears as I stood in our shop late one night and recalled the numerous conversations I had with MY DAD and MY LITTLE SISTER. We had talked a lot about “Montana.” He was supposed to be here. We had made plans……and they both would have made sure that EVERYONE knew that the Red Caboose was back in business! Well, as we all know……life doesn’t happen as planned. It’s better [whether we see it now…or later]!

Reed and I have felt LOVED, CONNECTED and SUPPORTED by our community of friends that we have made here. We could not have completed the renovation of our shop without the amazing people that joined us along the way. This was a group project….and the Red Caboose will continue to be a team effort [more to come on the vision behind what we are doing]!

Well, Im sure you want to see photos….if you haven’t skimmed this entire blog post by now! Below are a few images [thank you Elisha Guido] of a private party that was held the night before we opened the doors. It was an evening to say HELLO [to our new business neighbors on the street] and THANK YOU [to all who who’s hands touched this project in one way or another]. We are so thankful to so many…..

A special THANK YOU to our family:: We have been blessed by your time, support and investment. We love you all oh so much!

I also thank YOU….my blog readers & friends. All of your encouragement and support from afar has inspired me. XOXO

**More detailed shots of the shop to come on Monday! Can’t wait to give you the tour.**


Elise / Pennyweight - Oh my goodness… DYING over how amazing everything looks!!! Incredible job!!! And you look ridiculously adorable. Love you so, my friend! xo


Kelly Ann - SO proud of you. God has had his hand on this journey and it’s SO apparent. Even just reading your twitter updates, you can see God at work in such a marvelous way. I am just filled with happiness for you & your husband, and I admire you for walking the path God has made for you SO diligently and with so much heart and grace and joy. I know your Dad and sister would be over-the-moon excited and incredibly proud of you… and I hope in some way they’ve gotten to see this unfold.

I want to go to Montana to visit the Red Caboose, and you! 😉 It looks so amazing!


Soko - MOST adorable yogurt/coffee shop EVER! 🙂 Love it! It looks like an amazing place to sit with friends and relax over a giant cup o’ good, strong coffee. I’m so excited to see how your journey unfolds.


Laura - It looks wonderful Kelli! Can’t wait to see even more. And I love your outfit!

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