May Desktop Download

This desktop download series between Ashley and I marks ONE YEAR since we started this creative collaboration. We have grown so much since our first shot at this….[we decided to re-do what we were initially going to launch this series with one year ago, at the 11th hour- and no, we won’t show you our first rough sketch….it was really rough!] There was something about it that wasn’t ‘us.’ I love the passion and level of excellence that we always strive for- together. Ashley, I have truly enjoyed our monthly collaborations….super excited to see how our creativity evolves in this next year!

We thought an assortment of lovely flowers would be perfect for the month of May, especially as we honor our moms and welcome the first Spring blooms and pops of color this season. We partnered with Cara of Mums Flowers, who helped make this happen. Her shop is one of my favorites in town and her style is inspiring! Loved working with her on this.

God prunes us when He is about to take us unto a new season of growth and expansion. -Christine Caine

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iPhone background

I love this quote by Christine Caine. I first heard her speak in Nashville, Tennessee at an event for Mercy Ministri es. I love her heart for the Lord, the broken, women and truth. Her way with words is so powerful. She spoke to my heart that day in a big way. The idea of being pruned isn’t necessarily what any of us volunteer ourselves for. However, who we become, through the process is always a better version of us. God always has a purpose and plan- nothing is wasted. Whether we see this at the time or not…’s true.

I hope that you are encouraged by this download this month. Whether you are in the process of change- or preparing for change to come…..may your perspective be lifted high…and wide.



Jaime - So pretty!


Kallie - This is perfect! I’m a high school student and a friend of mine found out a couple days ago that she has leukemia. She is beginning her new season of growth and expansion <3


Cyndie Cherry-Bain - BEAUTIFULLY done…Thank You !!!


Monday Mix Vol. 23 » Kylene Lynn Photography - […] the middle wallpaper graphic here. (Isn’t that so […]


Pruning Season - […] image […]

Great Aunt & Great Uncle

Ezra got to meet his great aunt and great uncle last week! I love moments like these. So thankful for days like these ones.

I absolutely love where we live…and we understand that it’s not an easy place to visit. We’ve had family visit on and off since Ezra was born, but it’s really sweet to see family meet him for the first time. I love my aunt and uncle….and I loved that this trip happened for them.

Aunt Lauren could get Ezra to do his “silly face” on demand….too funny! Glad we captured it in these photos- priceless!

We love you Dirk & Lauren!


Allyson - That silly face is cracking me up so hard right now! Adorable. 🙂



Carrie Rowe - How fun!!! Hope you all had a great visit.

Nine Months

If anyone finds the pause button….please send it over to me.

MY BABY IS NINE MONTHS OLD!! He’s got 8 teeth, he’s crawling like crazy and we are sharing meals these days! WHAT?!? Yep, Ezra loves food- fruits, veggies and water…..lots of water [out of the glass!].

Oh, and it’s almost impossible to take a photo of him that is in focus…..momma’s got to be quick! So, needless to say….no more laying baby down and taking as many shots as I’d like, while he smiles up at me. HA! Random objects will most likely accompany my son in future photos- kinda like the lens cap and piece of paper in the images below. I also loved how Ezra turned his back on the camera for a second….thank goodness it was only a moment and smiles returned! Whew!

A few new adventures this month:

  1. TWO MORE TEETH! [8 total]
  2. You mastered CRAWLING….and you’re picking up speed!
  3. You can STAND UP! You are pulling yourself up on anything and everything these days!
  4. You went on your very first airplane ride [Southwest Airlines to Skull Church Albuquerque] !!

Ezra, you make this really funny face these days. You have mommy and daddy laughing- constantly. We love our mornings with you….you wake up smiling and ready to start your day [even though our alarms would allow us to sleep an extra hour longer]! You have such a joyful spirit about you and that is so refreshing to us. Our prayer is that people will continue to be drawn to you so you can share the heart of Jesus with the world. We love you more than you’ll ever know…..

Love, momma & daddy


Holly Farrar-Walsh - He is absolutely positively the most adorable little boy!! Ezra is truly blessed to have such great parents and his smiles and expressions light up the day!! Continue to savor every moment as time goes by so fast!


Carrie Rowe - Oh how I love him so. That shirt is super cute.

Potato Stamp Leggings

There are so many cute leggings for girls out there, but its a little harder to find them for the boys. I have certainly found [and purchased] cute leggings on Etsy and Instagram though. Since we live in a colder climate- leggings work great for Ezra as they stay put and not ride up his legs!

I’ve wanted to try out potato stamping for a while now- so a dear friend and I got together and made a few pairs for our little ones! We headed to Target and bought blank leggings and over to Joannes to pick up some fabric paint [i used Martha Stewart paint for this project].

We used a steak knife to cut and carve the potatoes [im sure there are safer tools to use, but we used what we had on hand as this was just an experiment this time around]….and with paint brushes, we painted directly on to our carved potato stamp with fabric paint. Instead of applying fresh paint after each stamp- I stamped 2-3 times to give my design a variation of color and character.

I really do love how these turned out- the zigzag took a while to do, but if you keep with a simple and sporadic design…it’s a quick little project!

Have any of you mommas done this before? If so- and if you’ve blogged them- I’d love to see them! Leave your blog post url in the comment section below!


VOL25 - SOO cute Kelli! You’ve inspired me. 🙂 I wonder how a fabric paint marker would work on this kind of material, for the free handed zig zag dedsign.


Amy Conner - I don’t know which is cuter… those pants or that sweet boy. And I’m LOVING those chubby feet and toes!!!
Hugs and Love.


Melissa - I’m totally going to have to do this when Rhett arrives! Too cute!

April Desktop Download

This is a bit late this month….Ashley and I were super busy over Easter weekend and we were just able to connect on this collaboration this week!

I can not believe that next month marks our ONE YEAR anniversary since we began these monthly collaborations! This series has been so much fun for us- as friends and as creatives. We plan on continuing this series for sure!

As were driving around our neck of the woods here in Montana….we were desperately trying to find a BLOOM. Anything that would represent a new season and life. Well, April is actually considered “mud season” here….the snow is melting and there aren’t any signs of blooms just yet. However….a sweet momma cow and her calf caught our eye as we were driving around. Her baby could barely walk….it was the sweetest thing.

Life doesn’t always look the way we want it to. There are times that we don’t find what we are looking. Sometimes what we are looking for doesn’t exactly look the way we have it in our minds, but once we get past our pre-conceived ideas… turns out to be exactly what we need- in that season. I’ve so been in this season- many times. I love this reminder to do what we can…with what we have…right now. Don’t stop in your tracks because life in front of you doesn’t look the way you thought it would… could very well be the bridge that connects you to where you are to be next.

Life is never without purpose, especially in the seasons of waiting or in the quiet. Keep moving forward….take one step at a time….enjoy the little moments.

DESKTOP DOWNLOAD // right click and “use as desktop picture”



Katelyn Monahan - This is one of my absolute favorite desktop downloads. I have a slideshow of all of them as my wallpaper, and every time this one pops up it makes whatever place of mind I’m currently in so much better!! Thanks Kelli and Ashley!