Summertime Sips

I really try and drink a good amount of water each day, especially when I drink more than one latte a day at our cafe! Infusing water with natural flavors makes for a super refreshing beverage. My go-to’s are usually lemons and limes, but this time of year I love to pick up fresh fruit at our local Farmers Market. Adding herbs like mint or rosemary is pretty fantastic [and oh so pretty] too! It’s amazing how quickly I can guzzle down 32 ounces of water when there’s a treat at the bottom! This is also a fun alternative to plain ol’ water for your guests. Try it!

And… fabulous is this Mason Jar Tumbler? The perfect summertime accessory. My new friend Bobbi is the genius lady behind the Mason Bar Company, where you can pick one up for yourself. I met her on Instagram and instantly felt a connection to this sweet momma. I love her passion for Christ, her family and doing business in excellence. If you aren’t following her on IG- you really should. Bobbi will be featured on our My Everyday series tomorrow [Thursday] and she’s offering a super sweet deal on a Tumbler [with a pink straw!]- so be sure and visit the KELLI & VANESSA blog for all the details! [fyi…the sale is only good for tomorrow from 10-12pm CST]….. Next time you order a coke or juice-infused tea, proudly skip the plastic-wrapped plastic straws and use your own reusable straw. Whether it’s a stainless steel, glass or bamboo straw, these options force us to regain control over our mindless slurping habit. But are reusable straws safe? These reusable straws are also sturdy and dishwasher-safe — except for the two throw-away options, which are at least compostable and biodegradable, so still a better choice than conventional plastic straws that can clog up landfills and oceans.

What are some of your favorite summertime sips?!?
XO! -kelli

June Desktop Download

Summertime is slowly but surely showing up here in Montana. The evenings are still a bit chill and I’ve been looking forward to this season of moving warm fires from inside the house to outside the house- around the fire pit!

I just started reading a new book that is challenging me on how I spend my time and how I view my role as a mother. Not to confuse this with the way the world portrays motherhood, but a Biblical perspective. We also just finished an amazing series at our church called Breaking Camp, which also spoke to deepest parts of my heart and soul. Its a given- life on this earth is short- and it comes to an end for us all. No one escapes this. What matters in the end is who he believe God to be, our relationship status with Him and what we did with the resources and knowledge we were given.

It’s not about us.

We have a lot of things vying for our time. We are distracted by so many things- so easily.

Are we investing our time into things we will regret years from now?

Do I think social media is bad? No…..but like everything, in moderation. It’s a tool and I believe God desires us to use platforms that are available to us for His glory. I also believe that this same tool shouldn’t come in between marriages, relationships, quality time with our children, friends, strangers ect…

The quote for this months desktop collaboration [with Ashley] is SO encouraging to me. It’s a great reminder to me to use my time wisely. To think beyond myself and this world, but others and Eternity. I want to enjoy summertime activities, which include [but not limited to] s’mores and bonfire conversations without distraction. I want to be present…and I want those in my life to feel valued. Our words are powerful and can make a lasting impact.

Want to make a difference? Get in the lives of the people around you. Without distraction. Try it! I’ll be doing the same….


DESKTOP // right click & save

iPhone background

Ten Months

My baby is TEN MONTHS old!!! I’m posting this super late this month….so he’s really just days away from being eleven months, which means we are just weeks away from someones 1st birthday! Oh my!! I can’t even go there yet…..I’m soaking in these days.

We officially have a crawler…and a fast one at that! Ezra also loves to climb stairs. He can easily conquer the two steps at our shop, but he actually had no problem at all climbing the staircase in our house, which is steep! Reed was behind him the entire time, but our little guy never looked back…he was focused and determined….and made it to the top! Needless to say, we’ve got a gate up at the bottom of our stairs.

I’ve been spending less of my day at the shop these days….it’s been tough to keep our little explorer contained for hours on end. He wants down- he wants to crawl- and I don’t blame him. He’s such a people person- the perfect little greeter each and every time someone walks through the door. We love this about him! This is what reminds me of my dad…he would talk with everyone and thats pretty much Ezras little spirit.

A few new adventures this month:

  1. Your babble tones have expanded- and there’s a lot of energy and passion when you talk!
  2. You’ve been saying momma, dadda, baba…..but yesterday you said “Uh Oh” for the very first time! Sweetest sound.
  3. Your little toes…..are growing! They are definitely longer…preparing for your first steps.
  4. You are such a good eater [this is obvious from the photos and your whopping 26 pounds on the scale]- a few of your favorite things to eat these days are black beans & rice, avocado, sweet potatoes, peas and blueberries!
  5. We had to take you to urgent care for the first time. So sad. You were sitting in your booster seat and momma took the tray off to wipe it down. We thought you were safe since daddy was sitting at the table with you, but you decided to lunge [forcefully] forward and your chair, with you attached to it, fell to the floor. You scraped your head, but we wanted to make sure everything was OK. The doctor checked you out….and told momma and daddy that this would be the first of many. Ugh!

Ezra, you are our joy. Having you in our life is such a blessing. You have taught us much about how we spend our days and time. Life is precious and quickly passing by. You slow us down… remind us that being in the moment and making real connections matter most. You are shaping us to be better parents….a better husband and wife…..better lovers of people. We want to show you what quality time looks like. We want you to know that you are loved and valued. You love us unconditionally and we are thankful for that. It’s refreshing. Oh the love and wonder of a child……this is what Jesus was talking about.

Love, momma & daddy


Jessy Hanson - Sweetest thing ever. You are an inspiration as a mother, Kelli! 🙂

Planting Workshop

I pretty much stumbled upon the cutest nursery ever. A hidden treasure.

I was actually looking for another nursery that someone told me about, but this site caught my eye…..especially the event that they were hosting, the Planting Workshop. This little workshop just so happened to be taking place the next day… I called my friend Ashley and she joined Ezra and I on this little adventure!

We brought our own containers….and created a few lovelies for our houses. Mine will be placed on our porch…to welcome our summertime guests!

The next event [and last event for the season] is June 4th! I’ll definitely be there…..and if you’re a local, join me!



Cynthia - I love it!!!!!!


Amy Conner - Love LOVE L.O.V.E this! You girls (and Ezra) are so cute! Looks like a super fun day!

My First Mothers Day

It’s amazing how much a baby can change our perspective on life and relationships. When I sat down to write out a Mothers Day card for my mom this year….I couldn’t hold back the tears. So much thankfulness and appreciation came flooding out- like never before. I am just now getting a glimpse into all that she has done for me and how much she loves me… is incredible this way.

The best part of this Mothers Day weekend was having Pastor Levi dedicate Ezra. I have witnessed many baby dedications….and it really was a special moment for me. I couldn’t believe that it was my turn…..that it was Reed and I standing there with our son….thanking the Lord for our sweet baby and dedicating him in front of our church. A moment hidden in my heart forever. Many of my family and friends couldn’t be here for the dedication, but my friend Eric sent this video clip to me this week- so you can watch it below!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the role of MOTHERHOOD. What a huge responsibility we have….once a mom, always a mom. Forever. Our job is never done. I know that I can not do this on my own and I am thankful to have an amazing God with a Grace that never runs out…..and sweet girlfriends who have walked this new season of motherhood closely by my side [whether in person or phone calls].

It’s incredible to think that the Lord knew Ezra before he ever began forming in my womb. He loves Ezra and has a plan for his life. We named Ezra with intention…..his name means ‘Gods Help” and we are believing this on so many levels. Ezra already has a love for people. He is full of joy. His smile is contagious. We believe without a doubt that people will be drawn to Ezra- for these strong characteristics will be used to change the world, for Gods glory!

////Mothers Day gift
I’ve been wanting this bracelet for a while now, and I was super excited to be given this from Reed for my 1st Mothers Day. SO special.


Melissa - So awesome!!!


Carrie Rowe - Such a special weekend!


Amy Conner - So thankful to see and celebrate this special day of dedication of Ezra to the Lord. I believe he is going to be such a marker for God in his generation! 🙂
Love you guys!