Red Caboose Photoshoot

We just launched our Red Caboose website, but I wanted to share a few more images that I love so much from the photoshoot we did with Jeremiah & Rachel!

Jeremiah & Rachel are local photographers who have become sweet friends to us….and who also support our little shop. They love coffee. They are creative. We are a perfect fit. They contacted me about doing a collaboration and we just so happened to be dreaming up ideas for a website- so we decided this would be the project. We had a blast with them… was an honor to have this season in our life documented. These photos mean so much to us.

They captured the core of our shop- the details, the community within our staff and of course, little Ezra. I absolutely love the Red Caboose. I’ve never questioned how special our place is, but these images really do remind me how magical things are inside the four walls. I pinch myself daily….I really get to own and operate a fantastic frozen yogurt + coffee shop in Whitefish, Montana! God is awesome. So good.

Thank you so much, Jeremiah & Rachel. We adore you guys. Thank you for loving us so well…and blessing us with your talent.


melissa pepin - Your shop is so so cute Kelli and all of your posts make me want to come to Montana so bad!

Eleven Months

My baby is 11 months old!!! Can’t believe this. I really can’t wrap my mind around this. Is this for real?

Oh Ezra….our love for you is great. We love to just stare at you. Your contagious smile is such a blessing to us. You are such a sweet-sweet baby, who is growing quickly. So quickly.

This month- you have spent more time in your crib than any other month. This has been good for momma and daddy, but we sure do miss you…..we miss holding you in our arms while you sleep…..but as big boys do….you want to sprawl out and just enjoy a good deep sleep. This is good for all of us.

We took a few trips with you this month, which included Southern California- you did great on the airplane! Always trying to make the fellow passengers and flight attendants smile. You achieved your goal….they loved you.

You love to explore. You are quick on your hands and knees….you’ll be walking soon! I love how interested you are in all sorts of things- everything is new to you. You love to share, especially new treasures that you find. In the photos below…you wanted to show momma blades of grass, rocks and sticks! You are such a BOY! And I love it!

Can’t believe that you will be ONE this month! We have lots of family coming into town to celebrate this day with us. Can’t wait!

Ezra, We love you sweet boy. You have certainly brightened our lives….you have taught us so much this year, especially in the area of priorities and focussing on what is most important. We pray for you daily….praying that you would come to know Jesus and be a world changer. You are special and we know you were created for a purpose….a very specific purpose. Our love for you has no limits…..

momma & daddy

Red Caboose Website!

I am so excited to announce the unveiling of the Red Caboose website!! We have been utilizing Facebook since we opened our doors in 2011, but felt it was time to have a personal site….that reflects who we are and shares a bit of our story.

A huge thank you to Tyler Thorney, who designed the site for us. He was awesome to collaborate with and we are really happy with our site. Simple, with a bit of whimsy was the goal…and he executed it well! If you are looking for a designer….he’s your guy! Check out his work here.

We also want to thank Jeremiah & Rachel for hanging out with us for a day….and photographing our shop & our staff! Jeremiah and Rachel are amazing photographers and sweet friends of ours. They are creative and have a passion for coffee- so it was a natural fit! The majority of the photos on our site were shot by them. Check out their work- be inspired!

Without further ado….go and check out our website. My favorite page is “Our Story.” Our employee Mikey had a blast writing all of our bio’s. So fun!

Thank you all for supporting our adventure!

Three Years…In Heaven

↣ ↣ ▲▲▲ ↣ ↣ Disneyland ↣ ↣ ▲▲▲ ↣ ↣

Last Saturday marked three years since I last spoke to my dad….and the day he entered into the presence of the Lord.
[original blog posts here, here & here]

I remember June 15, 2010….like it was yesterday. I vividly remember the phone conversation I had with my dad- just hours before he took his last breath. He was driving….I knew he didn’t seem “normal.” I asked “on a scale of 1-10 how are you doing today, dad?”….and his answer was 7. Right then and there…I wished so badly that 3,000 miles weren’t separating us. He was in Las Vegas. I was in Nashville. There was nothing I could do…..but pray and call him back after a photoshoot that I was driving to. My dad was always a 10 or higher. He was a 10 on a bad day and an 11 on a good day. Hearing him say 7 was alarming. I knew he just didn’t want his daughter to worry about him.

Fast forward 3 years….and every anniversary has felt different and has met me with contrasting emotions. Last year I was weeks away from having my baby and this year….I have a son. Ezra will meet my dad one day in Heaven, but unfortunately will not experience life with him on this earth. This saddens me. My dad would have been the best grandpa ever. I wanted so badly for him to be here in this season of life with me. Even though he is not here… a way that my eyes can see….he is here in a way that my heart can feel. There are beautiful qualities about my dad that often come to my mind, which push me to be a better business owner and an intentional mom. This is what I choose to focus on….

↣ ↣ ▲▲▲ ↣ ↣ dad holding me ↣ ↣ ▲▲▲ ↣ ↣

My dad left a rich legacy for me. He had a heart for people…and this truly influences the way I run and operate our family business. Death was not the end to my dads story. His life continues to influence me and the decisions that I make. How awesome is this? This definitely makes me consider how I am living my life. It’s not just about me.

Each moment. Each day. Each year that passes by does not push me farther from my dad, but closer. I am thankful for the Hope we have in Christ. The promise of Eternal Life.

I am thankful to be planted in a House that speaks truth on this matter. To give you a glimpse into what our pastor often says on the subject of death is this:: “Death is a lot of things and comes a lot of ways, but tragically it is often a surprise. The way to truly live is to be prepared to die.”

I can’t end this post without asking you if you know God. This is a serious question…and THE most important decision you will ever make. If you can’t answer this question….please click here.

I miss you, dad.


Jessy Hanson - Love your heart, God is SO good. Praying for you today friend.

California Family

Reed, Ezra and I spent last week in parts of Southern & Northern California [more on this trip coming soon!]. While we were there….we got to see family, which always makes my heart happy. Ezra got to meet his cousin Brandon for the first time!

Brandon is my nephew [my sisters son]….I love this photo of us sisters with our boys!

We love you aunt Kris and cousin Brandon!