Nine Months

If anyone finds the pause button….please send it over to me.

MY BABY IS NINE MONTHS OLD!! He’s got 8 teeth, he’s crawling like crazy and we are sharing meals these days! WHAT?!? Yep, Ezra loves food- fruits, veggies and water…..lots of water [out of the glass!].

Oh, and it’s almost impossible to take a photo of him that is in focus…..momma’s got to be quick! So, needless to say….no more laying baby down and taking as many shots as I’d like, while he smiles up at me. HA! Random objects will most likely accompany my son in future photos- kinda like the lens cap and piece of paper in the images below. I also loved how Ezra turned his back on the camera for a second….thank goodness it was only a moment and smiles returned! Whew!

A few new adventures this month:

  1. TWO MORE TEETH! [8 total]
  2. You mastered CRAWLING….and you’re picking up speed!
  3. You can STAND UP! You are pulling yourself up on anything and everything these days!
  4. You went on your very first airplane ride [Southwest Airlines to Skull Church Albuquerque] !!

Ezra, you make this really funny face these days. You have mommy and daddy laughing- constantly. We love our mornings with you….you wake up smiling and ready to start your day [even though our alarms would allow us to sleep an extra hour longer]! You have such a joyful spirit about you and that is so refreshing to us. Our prayer is that people will continue to be drawn to you so you can share the heart of Jesus with the world. We love you more than you’ll ever know…..

Love, momma & daddy


Holly Farrar-Walsh - He is absolutely positively the most adorable little boy!! Ezra is truly blessed to have such great parents and his smiles and expressions light up the day!! Continue to savor every moment as time goes by so fast!


Carrie Rowe - Oh how I love him so. That shirt is super cute.

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