My First Mothers Day

It’s amazing how much a baby can change our perspective on life and relationships. When I sat down to write out a Mothers Day card for my mom this year….I couldn’t hold back the tears. So much thankfulness and appreciation came flooding out- like never before. I am just now getting a glimpse into all that she has done for me and how much she loves me… is incredible this way.

The best part of this Mothers Day weekend was having Pastor Levi dedicate Ezra. I have witnessed many baby dedications….and it really was a special moment for me. I couldn’t believe that it was my turn…..that it was Reed and I standing there with our son….thanking the Lord for our sweet baby and dedicating him in front of our church. A moment hidden in my heart forever. Many of my family and friends couldn’t be here for the dedication, but my friend Eric sent this video clip to me this week- so you can watch it below!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the role of MOTHERHOOD. What a huge responsibility we have….once a mom, always a mom. Forever. Our job is never done. I know that I can not do this on my own and I am thankful to have an amazing God with a Grace that never runs out…..and sweet girlfriends who have walked this new season of motherhood closely by my side [whether in person or phone calls].

It’s incredible to think that the Lord knew Ezra before he ever began forming in my womb. He loves Ezra and has a plan for his life. We named Ezra with intention…..his name means ‘Gods Help” and we are believing this on so many levels. Ezra already has a love for people. He is full of joy. His smile is contagious. We believe without a doubt that people will be drawn to Ezra- for these strong characteristics will be used to change the world, for Gods glory!

////Mothers Day gift
I’ve been wanting this bracelet for a while now, and I was super excited to be given this from Reed for my 1st Mothers Day. SO special.


Melissa - So awesome!!!


Carrie Rowe - Such a special weekend!


Amy Conner - So thankful to see and celebrate this special day of dedication of Ezra to the Lord. I believe he is going to be such a marker for God in his generation! 🙂
Love you guys!

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