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We Go Together

I am loving this first holiday season with our sweet baby Ezra. This weekend we were intentional about spending time together- less time at the cafe– and beginning new traditions that we’d like to incorporate for years to come.

When it comes to “baby’s first Christmas ornament” I went round and round with different ideas. Reed and I finally decided that we wanted to make Ezras 1st Christmas ornament together and there just so happens so be an amazing art studio just down the street from us. Reed is really creative when it comes to art…so this was a fun project to do together. He picked out the colors that we used for the ornament…and I can NOT wait to see how it looks after its fired and glazed. We get to pick it up later this week….

We also visited Santa at the Whitefish Lake Lodge! This place is gorgeous this time of year and we thought we would have a better experience there than waiting in line at the mall….and a great experience is exactly what we had! Ezra got to meet Cowboy Santa! He was skeptical at first, but quickly warmed up to that jolly man in the red suit!

Our weekend ended with lattes & chocolate…perfection!


I’d love to hear what traditions all you mommas have with your family for Christmas. Did you start something new this year? Feel free to share in the comment box below!

Little Brave Man // Baby Shower

Last month, my sweet-sweet friends here in Montana showered me the most AMAZING and ADORABLE baby shower! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into my in-laws house, where the party took place. AMAZING and ADORABLE are the words that kept coming out of my mouth…..over and over.

Carrie and Jennie hosted the shower with the help from some very crafty elves…..and what little investigators they are! They came up with the theme “LITTLE BRAVE MAN” from a few of my Pinterest Boards! Love it! Im all about BOWS + ARROWS, TEEPEE’s, LITTLE INDIANS, TRIANGLES ect….these days! These girls captured this theme perfectly and left me so inspired.

I feel so loved by the ladies in my life. What a blessing they are to me…and my growing family. I’m still blown away by the richness of relationships that I have here in Montana….only being here less than 2 years! Words can’t describe my thankfulness for Gods provision.

Below are a few of my favorite images from my baby shower, but you can see the full gallery over on ON TO BABY! So excited to have this baby shower of mine featured today…..the girls did a fabulous job and I am so happy that their ideas, hard work and creativity are being recognized! Thank you so much, friends!

Event Design & Planning: Carrie Rowe of Cue The Confetti & Jennie Lusko
Invitations, Favors, and Handwritten Elements: Thorn + Sparrow
Floral Arrangements: MUMS Flowers

Sweet Chelsea

Meet Chelsea.

She just graduated from Whitefish High School this past weekend….and also happens to be one of the first employees that we hired at our shop, Red Caboose!

We absolutely adore her fun personality and admire her passion and love for God, especially at such a young age, where there is SO much distraction out there- pulling her generation in so many directions.

Chelsea, we are so very proud of you and your accomplishment. It’s been amazing to see you grow so much in the year that we’ve had the opportunity to spend so much time with you. You are a beautiful girl and we are excited to see where God takes you in this next season of life.



A House Warming Party

We had a few friends over [back in November] to cozy up our little house in the woods….with their presence and laughter over chili, corn bread, warm beverages and sweet treats. Such a fun evening. I truly enjoy small gatherings of people that I love. There’s nothing better.

I’ve posted a few images of our home here, but once I get our nursery set up….I’ll post an updated tour!

My friends here in Montana are so creative- there’s definitely not a lack of inspiration out here. So thankful! When I mentioned wanting to throw a House Warming Party, my friend Carrie of Cue The Confettiimmediately jumped on board to help plan the festivities! Her love for details runs deep and we had such a fun time dreaming up ideas for this.

The invitations were my most favorite element! We got crazy creative with the whole “moving” theme. We used small cardboard boxes, electric blue tape and sharpie markers to create “moving boxes” in which we placed the invitations into. We carried the “moving tape” element into the paper goods/decor.

My friend Ashley of Thorn + Sparrow illustrated the invitations for us, which I absolutely adore! She just opened up an etsy shop so be sure and check out her beautiful designs that she will be unveiling in the next few weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Seven .

Seven years ago today…..vows were spoken, rings were exchanged, a kiss was given and our life began together as husband and wife. Best day of my life.

Neither of us knew what was a head of us. We said “I DO” to things we had yet to experience, but you have to TRUST and BELIEVE that whatever comes your way….those two [BIG] words will come whispering back in your ear and be exactly what you need in those moments.

Life doesn’t look the way I envisioned on our wedding day……it’s way sweeter. Reed and I have been on an adventure and there’s no one else on planet earth that I would want to experience this one shot at life with. God knew I needed Reed…that he was perfect for me. Reed makes me a better person. He gets me up early to start the day [even though I don’t care about “early bird gets the worm”…well, maybe I’m beginning to!]. He encourages and supports my creative ways….even when I doubt myself. We are dreamers…..we believe in LOVE and beating odds….we are dangerous together.

We did not leave town this weekend, instead we enjoyed a night away-in town and unplugged from the world. I brought my [real] camera with me, which reminded me of why I fell in love with photography all over again. I documented OUR LIFE….the little details…and plan to do more of this for this blog of mine!

Instead of toasting to a new year with a glass of red wine….we indulged in a fabulous tiramisu [made by a friend of ours] and played a competitive game of Scrabble, fireside. We woke up on Sunday morning and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at one of our favorite local spots.

Reed, thank you for being the husband that you are. I appreciate your hard work and what you do to provide for us. I love that you will be the father of our son….and I can not wait to see you in that role. Life is sweet with you….through the peaks and the valleys. You are exactly what I need. XOXO