week 31

Well, I have graduated from once a month doctor appointments to every 2 weeks!

We also toured the Birthing Center last week, which was pretty amazing. For someone who has spent much time in scary and sterile hospital situations [with my younger sister, Melissa….who recently received her wings in Heaven], this tour was a breath of fresh air. The focus of this Birthing Center is truly around family, life & joy…and is very accommodating to how each individual mother chooses to deliver her baby. The natural world and medical world have completely collided at this place….pretty amazing!

Lots of movement from our bebe boy! I’ll admit that I was responsible for his bad case of the hiccups on Cinco De Mayo! The huz and I went out for Mexican Food and I ate the BIGGEST enchilada ever made! Every bit of it was gone. My plate was cleared. Reed couldn’t believe his eyes…..or his ears when I wanted to order chips and queso to go! And no, this Mexican Restaurant does not have queso….so my dinner ended right then and there. HA!

According to my app, this week our little guy is about 16 inches long and weighs 3.5 pounds [try carrying four navel oranges!].

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