Skull Church | One Year Lookbook

I’ve had the privilege and honor of documenting SKULL CHURCH for my pastor, Levi Lusko at Fresh Life Church this past year. Last nights party [with Eisley] marked ONE YEAR since I documented my very first Skull Church event…..These evenings never get old and continues to rock my world- every single month. Seeing people make the most important decision they will ever make in their entire life….is truly the most beautiful sight to see.

Skull Church is an explicitly evangelistic event centered on the good news about Jesus Christ. Specifically targeting a lost generation that doesn’t know God, isn’t necessarily “into” church, and desperately needs Jesus. Each event features music from the Skull Church band and a concert from a guest artist or band. The cornerstone of the night is a gospel message from Pastor Levi Lusko. Real. Relevant. Raw. You can always catch this event LIVE online here::

John 19:17-18 says, “Carrying the cross by himself, he (Jesus) went to the place called Place of the Skull. There they nailed him to the cross.” (NLT) The most beautiful thing that has ever happened in history occurred in a place of death, God died in our place. Skull Church is a platform to amplify the message of what happened on that skull-shaped hill to a lost world.

Photographing Skull Church really stretched me as an artist. Since this is a monthly event- my goal was to shoot this with a different perspective every single time. I didn’t want my photographs to look exactly the same month to month. I was challenged to find a new story, keeping my art fresh….and work with super low [and always changing] light sources.

Pastor Levi is such a HUGE encouragement and inspiration to me. His enthusiasm about the creative arts is unreal…and has shaped me as an artist and has challenged me to raise the bar in all that I do. Thanks so much, Pastor Levi!

Little did I know that photography and music would collide for me. I also never dreamed that I would be part of a movement this massive-this passionate-this REAL….here in Kalispell, Montana. So thankful that God is using me in a creative way here in Montana. I am honored to part of Fresh Life and to be partnered with like-minded people who are “ALL IN” and daily lay their life down to MAKE JESUS FAMOUS!

I look forward to seeing how Skull Church will be used this next year!

Here’s a lookbook of my favorite images from this past year…
[Yikes! This was hard to narrow down].

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