Our Little Explorers Birthday Party!

IMG_8980My baby is TWO!!

Did I really just type that out?

This past weekend we celebrated Ezra’s 2nd birthday at our house, with a few of his little buddies. Seems like it was just yesterday when we brought him home and then celebrated his 1st birthday!

My favorite table at the party was the make-you-own TRAIL MIX bar! Favorite details included all the painted rocks and sticks, which Ezra and I gathered together. I’ll blog more in depth details later this week.

The theme for this year was quite fitting for this season in his life……LITTLE EXPLORER.

I pray that Ezra will always be an explorer…..an explorer of people all around the world, Gods love and Gods beautiful creation. I found this verse earlier in the week….and I pray this over his life:

For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break fourth into shouts of joy before you, And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” –Isaiah 55:12

A memory for the books….and quite possibly a story for the future wedding day happened at his party. Im still laughing about it as I type this out.

As Ezra was picking at his smash cake, his hands were getting pretty “mess” as he would say. As I was photographing every move [yep, I was THAT mom at the party] I noticed him looking at his hands strangely. He went from licking fingers to an awkward stare. Then, the next thing out of his hands had all the guests laughing hysterically……Ezra shouted “POOP HANDS!!!!”

WHAT?!?! Oh my.

I guess chocolate frosting does kinda look like that.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time celebrating our little man.

We love you, sweet Ezra. Happy Birthday!
xoxoxo, momma & daddy


// I realized at the end of the night that momma didn’t get a photo with the birthday boy! So, before the deck lights got turned off for the night….we took a birthday photo. Someone was on a sugar high, but we also lifted two fingers to the big TWO YEAR OLD!IMG_9269IMG_9271

// My friend Carrie helped me plan this party [as well as my baby shower and Ezras 1st birthday], she is such a blessing to me. Her creativity inspires me…..and I am truly thankful to have a friend like her, who loves my family so well. Thank you for all of your time and assistance, my friend! I couldn’t pull off days like these without you.IMG_9251

Ezra’s beautiful smash cake was made by Jessi of Arrowleaf Baking Co.

Table accessories and decor were generously gifted by Bear Grass Garden Events.

More images can be found over 100 Layer Cake-let too!


Carrie - This was so much fun and these pictures turned out amazing!!!!! Love you and your sweet family. Happy 2nd Birthday Ezra, you are so loved.


Shelley | Crazy Wonderful - Found your party through Cassie, and had to let you know how amazing it is! Every detail is perfection and the little birthday boy couldn’t be any more sweet 🙂


Jerry Stocks - The party was fantastic. Can you tell me about the painted sticks that are on the stump by the birthday cake? You and your sister certainly are creative.

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