week 24

Ok, I knew there would come a day where this series would represent a fruit/vegetable that wasn’t in season. I actually had a hard time finding a “large” MANGO for last weeks series….and well, this week was challenging as well. I had big plans for this one, but I just couldn’t make it happen. Thankfully Reed wasn’t against driving to a field to shoot this….to keep with the farm-like feel!

Lots of movements from the little man this week. We also had our 24 week dr. appointment and once again, everything is going great! So very thankful!

Our little guy has gained about 4 ounces since last week and that puts him just over a pound! He’s almost a foot long….imagine an ear of corn! And….this is where my troubles begin. Corn husks are no where to be found!!! So, this packaged “SWEET CORN” will have to do. You get the idea…..

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