Let’s change the mindset that to serve & love people well you have to spend money. Here’s the truth … TIME = LOVE. 

We all have the heart to serve others, yet we stop ourselves with excuses. So, we’re on a mission to spark a new flame. Love is the universal language of the world & it is how God desires to use us to impact this world. We are all on mission … everyday, every interaction. We want to awaken people to see that the most important person is the one right in front of them. 

So, Vanessa & I want to challenge you + your family to go and be the hands & feet of Jesus right in your own communities. From now until December 20th, we want to encourage all of you to go & find ways to help those in need & SHARE stories in hopes that they ignite ideas & continue to inspire us to keep loving more. We’ve posted a PDF of simple serve ideas over on our K&V blog – please download! Also, please comment with ideas that you have enjoyed doing in the past – we’d LOVE to hear them!

Brokenness & hurt surrounds you, it’s forcing yourself see it. And when you’ve seen it, you’re responsible. We’re responsible. So, what are we going to do about it? While we can’t make it go away, we can carry a message of hope with us … that the story truly does have a beautiful ending & it’s called redemption.

Follow along on Instagram and use the hashtag #timeequalslove #lovewritesabeautifulstory to SHARE the ways you are serving during this Christmas season.

Be encouraged, my friends!!! And lets love well.

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