Ready for a New Year…

First of all- I can NOT believe that my last blog post was 2 months ago. Goodness, I have not been a very good blogger, but believe me- I have plans to change this!

Beginning a new life in Montana, starting a new business with my husband and hosting a few workshops definitely kept me busy this year, but I feel as though I have finally found balance in it all…..and Im super excited about the new photography collaborations and projects that have already taken shape for the new year!

My take away from 2011 is:: Less Is More.
I want whatever I do…Whatever I put my hands to….To be of excellence. The pressure to DO ALL and to BE ALL- to all people is something that will not be an option. Finding WHO YOU ARE….and ROCKING that to your fullest potential is freedom. Life is short and it’s truly impossible to say YES to everything that comes your way, yet be stretched so thin to be in it 100%.

Have you made any goals for 2012?

I’m making extravagant goals for 2012 and will crush fear beneath my feet. The little voices that tell us that we aren’t good enough are just lies. I know there are many people reading this that know what I am talking about- many of you shared this at the JOLT CREATIVE SHOP….and it was so inspiring to encourage so many of you to continue moving forward with your dreams.

I challenge you to stop looking at your competition as merely competition. Focus on what YOU are doing. Stop trying to imitate what you see on all the other blogs and websites. CREATE and BE YOU, which is UNIQUE!

Well, I just wanted to sign in and share a few of my thoughts [sorry, no photos this time] as this year is coming to a close. I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting things/ideas/thoughts/projects with you in the new year!


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