Five Months

You knew it was coming…..I just can’t help but start off every blog post this way…..but, I can’t believe my baby is 5 months old!!

It’s no secret- baby Ezra is a BIG BOY! He’s got a doctor appointment later this week, but the last time I checked he was over 19 pounds and that was three weeks ago! He was so long and lean at birth and I wasn’t sure if I’d have a chunky baby or not…..ha!

Well, so much happened this month:

1. Ezra found his voice. It’s a loud one! I love the way he opens his mouth and really tries to get it all out. It gets real interesting when he tries to cry and talk at the same time- too funny!

2. He is still trying really hard to roll over. Reed said that he saw him roll over, but I didn’t see it….so….?!? Momma’s got to see it for it to count, right?

3. We’ve only heard this a few times, but I can hardly wait till its a daily occurrence- the Belly Laugh! Ezra is a big grinner, but he saves those laughs for special occasions. That sound just melts my heart.

4. And saving the biggest news for last…..someone woke up on Friday [Dec 6th] with TWO TEETH! Thats right people….two sharp teeth that broke through the gums! He had been a bit fussy, a whole lot drool-y and his sleeping pattern at night was interrupted with tears and his fists in his mouth. I knew something was going on, but I had no idea that I’d be starring at two teeth at the same time! He’s a trooper!

Ezra, you continue to shape your dad and I into better parents, but most importantly…a better husband and wife. We want to show you what love is and a big part of that is teaching by example. Regardless of whether you understand our words or not, we are intentional about what is said around you. Words bring life and they can bring death….but it’s encouragement, love, belief, truth and LIFE that we want to speak over you. We love you with all of our hearts and then some. We are so thankful for you…

momma & daddy

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