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week 38

Seriously?!? Week 38 already? Yes, yes I am!

And at the end of the week….I’ll be entering week 39!

Tomorrow is Reeds birthday….and my mom is coming into town later this week…and my “due date” is supposedly next Thursday!!!! Oh my! So much going on…..

Take a deep breath. This baby is coming into this world one way or another…..NO FEAR! Trust God. Focus on what’s important. These are my thoughts these days.

Our little guy is still VERY active….and not only do I feel it….but Reed and I see it! We watch my belly move side to side, wondering “was that a foot? an elbow?” It’s our evening entertainment….when Reed isn’t catching up on his new favorite show on Netflix, Friday Night Lights!

So, to the good part…..according to my app: Our baby has really PLUMPED up! He weighs about 6.8 pounds and is over 19 1/2 inches….like a LEEK! We’ve got a LEEK, everyone!

Thanks again for ALL the encouragement as I have documented this pregnancy journey….it all started at week 16, while I was in Springfield, MO [thanks Elsie!]….and here we are at week 38! It’s been a fun ride….

photos by: Reed

OUTFIT DETAILS:: dress: Anthropologie | bracelet: forever21

week 36

oh boy. OH BOY! We’re getting closer…

We may not have a name for our little guy just yet…or know what he looks like, but he does have a zest for life! He’s active. He responds to a great message at church and a deep worship song…..and a fabulous meal! I love it!

Current Craving:: ICE WATER! Can’t get enough. I even ran into my dentist and he was like “OH NO!!!” Ya, it’s bad. I chomp on glasses and glasses of ice. Everyday.

Well, our growing bebe is packing on the pounds- at the rate of an ounce a day! He’s around 6 pounds….like a CRENSHAW MELON and is more than 18 inches long.

I am thrilled and blessed to be approaching the FULL TERM marker. I definitely don’t take this for granted.

One more thing…..I posted a “MOM MUSINGS” blog post over on the Kelli&Vanessa blog. Feel free to check it out- it’s on the very things that have been running through my mind these days. Hope you enjoy and are encouraged by it!

Have a great day!

week 35

Am I REALLY this close to holding a sweet baby boy in my arms?!? Just the thought of this makes me tear up a bit. I follow quite a few amazingly creative girls who have recently given birth to their first bebe’s and it’s been so sweet to see them transition from one season to another. I feel like I’m living through their photos and words as they describe their overwhelming love for their newest addition to their family. What an exciting season….I feel blessed.

In case you’re interested in who I am talking about…..these girls have been inspiring to me and their blogs & instagram feeds are adorable:: Christa Black & Brooke White.

Well, what do we have this week? Our little guy is “18 inches long and tips the scale at 5 1/4 pounds” -think HONEYDEW MELON! And according to my iPhone app- the baby’s main job over the next few weeks is to put weight on! Oh BOY!

OUTFIT DETAILS:: striped tank: Forever21 | skirt: three dots | denim top: True Religion | gold sandals: Anthropologie

week 34

Can I just say that I have the best friends in the whole wide world?!? My girlfriends hosted the most amazingly gorgeous baby shower for me this weekend….and showered me and our little guy with outrageous love. Best day ever! My heart is full…..

Baby Shower photos will be posted soon…..

Can’t believe that we are at week 34 already! I’m beginning to feel that pressure of keeping the play button on and hitting pause to slow time down a bit. Not that I can REALLY do this, but I’m just reminded of how quickly time passes….and I’m swiftly approaching the pregnancy finish line and I want to soak up this sweet season….of the in between.

Well, our little guy is about 18 inches long and weighing in around 4 3/4 pounds…think CANTALOUPE!

Have a great week!

week 33

I know. This post is WAY over due…..but I just couldn’t handle the thought of holding this weeks fruit…..while standing in the pouring rain, which is the kind of weather we’ve had here all week! April showers bring May showers here in the Northwest!

Well, little bebe and I are doing great! Still wearing bits and pieces of my own wardrobe, combined with my staple lifesavers- layering MAMA tank tops from H&M. These definitely give me a little more mileage in my own tops, which are starting to creep up….you know, kinda like crop tops from the 80′s! Yikes!

I’m not getting a full nights beauty rest these days, but then again….I don’t think it’s a coincident that us moms who are growing babies, who will be up through out the nights for feedings are up right now. It’s preparing us for what is to come….this whole journey blows my mind. All the details that go into pregnancy is so mind blowing! It’s a beautiful thing.

What do we have this week?!? Our little guy is weighing in a little over 4 pounds- think PINEAPPLE- and has passed the 17 inch mark! He’s getting bigger…..and it definitely feels like it too!

Any plans for MEMORIAL DAY weekend?
My dear girlfriends from church are hosting a baby shower for me on Sunday……Im so excited about this!


photo by Reed

OUTFIT DETAILS:: navy layered tank: MAMA by H&M | striped tank: H&M | pants: three dots | denim top: Lucky Brand | gold sandals: Anthropologie