2014: Simplify and Focus

I’ve been thinking a lot about this New Year….2014. I am super excited to start afresh. I’ve had this constant desire to SIMPLIFY for the past few months. I want to simplify all areas of my life….

….my closet, our garage full of things we don’t need, my online life, our home. Focusing on less things and more experiences; quality over quantity.

Another word that has been echoing in my mind is FOCUS. Focus and clutter are opposites of each other, I must choose one or the other.

I want to make more room….to have more face to face conversations and host more gatherings inside of our home. I desire deeper relationships. I want to know Jesus more. I want more quiet time. I want to strengthen my marriage. I want to pray more with my husband and over my son. I want to strengthen my mind and body so I can be all that the Lord desires of me.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Chad Veach spoke at our church and he said something that was totally for me. When he said this…it was as if the Lord was whispering this in my ear. I knew when the word “DANG!” came out of my mouth as soon as he finished his thought….this was the word I had needed for a while. Ok, so you want to know what it is, right?!?

An empty mind is the devils favorite playground.”

Bahhhhhhh! It’s both our heart AND mind that the Lord wants. This also happens to be very thing the enemy wants to take for himself.

Our minds can be full of “to-do’s” and “busy-ness” [AKA clutter], but if we haven’t set aside and protected the space for our true treasure, the living Word, our Life Source…..our minds are pretty much empty. We lose focus….and lose sight of our target.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more stoked to kick off a New Year. I want to give God all of me…..so that I have the stamina to run with horses [more on this topic soon], to use me and my microphone to glorify Him. To use my platform to point people to Jesus. I have a son now…..and it’s so important for me to live out the words I speak over his life. I want him to see a real Jesus through the life we live…..we are pilgrims, seeking a homeland…..we will all break camp one day so what do we really have to lose by living boldly, bravely and adventurously!?!

What are you looking forward to in 2014? Don’t be shy….I’d love to know the changes and additions you plan to make!



Molly Wantland - Perfectly said, Kelli! Thanks for sharing!


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