Weekend Adventure

I lead worship a few times a month at our Church. So, these weekends consist of rehearsals for me and services on Saturdays and Sundays……so a lot of our time is at church, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Reed is so great with Ezra, while momma is singin’. Now that Ezra is a little older- I think he’s having even more fun with Ezra during their time together. This weekend, Reed ventured out to Target…just the boys. I love that Reed fell in the same trap I do when Im in that place. I go there for one thing, but walk out with multiple bags of cute things for our little man! HA! Yes, Ezra got hooked up with a new teething toy, bibs and cute pajamas. Reed is such an awesome dad.

We spontaneously decided to head up to Big Mountain on Sunday night. We live about 10 minutes from the base so it’s a perfect way to spend some family time…..we really should do this more often. It’s too beautiful and too close to not enjoy this gorgeous view. HellRoaring Saloon has great Hot Chocolate & the best Nachos that I’ve ever had [here in Montana]…..so we were looking forward to that. However, we got there 30 minutes after the Nacho Bar closed. Oh well…..we’ll have to head back up there, right?!?

Another great weekend with my sweet family….

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