Truett [& the tarty lemon]

I’ve spent this last week in Virginia visiting family…..and CELEBRATING my nephew [TRUETT] on his first birthday! It’s been a great week and I just have to tell you….I adore this little guy! He’s one of the cutest little boys in the whole wide world…Im his aunt and a photographer so I have the credentials to make such a statement! Right?!?

Well, my family also took me out to dinner for my upcoming birthday….and the video below is a little preview of a hilarious moment at our dinner table. Get ready to smile REAL BIG!


Jaime - Your right he is totally 100% adorable…and this little video made me giggle!!! <3


AllyW - I love that he just keeps trying it over and over and over!! Cuuuute!


Deb Smith - This made me laugh out loud!! I can just picture my grandsons doing this!


Sarah - this is the CUTEST thing ever…. I can see why you love him to pieces.


Amy Conner - TOO funny!!! LOVE this!!!


April - This video is HILARIOUS!! Wyatt LOVES watching it & when it’s over he says “Watch Sour AGAIN!”

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