The Marvin Family

I’ve blogged this family a few times before….and I can’t tell you enough how much I adore Robert, Heather and their sweet girls. This family is not only one of the coolest families that I know, but they are legit- the real deal- and I have learned so much from them.

Moving away from Robert & Heather was really hard for us as we packed our bags and moved from Tennessee to Montana. We have history….and a beautiful one! I am forever thankful for Heathers boldness in sharing the Gospel with my husband. Heather and Reed [my husband] were friends long before I ever came into the picture. She is a hairstylist [the best one I’ve ever had] and would cut Reeds hair every few weeks and they would have these conversations….not just any conversations, but discussions that had eternal weight. It’s pretty amazing to know the person who had a hand in such an important decision in my husbands life. I pretty much tear up when I think about it. It’s just another reminder that every word we speak- matters.

Oh and then theres Robert. I LOVE ROBERT!! We are buddies…and everytime we spend time together, I leave inspired. He genuinely cares about people. I love his passion for LIFE, for JESUS, MUSIC, FAMILY….and….wait for it….CARS! He’s such a character, but in a good way. Im laughing just typing this out….he cracks me up! Im just going to brag on my friend for a moment…talk about PASSION. I am thrilled that Robert is experiencing fruit from many years of labor- in the music business. He has put countless hours in the studio- in the basement of his house- with major artists and indie artists. It put a smile on my face when I heard his work on a commercial during the Super Bowl. Seriously?! Way to go, Robert! You can support him by purchasing the latest records by Mat Kearney and Kelly Clarkson.

Reed and I spent a few days with the Marvin family while we were back in Nashville in the Fall. I still believe there was something in their water that made a baby happen between Reed and I -haha! Im glad we took the time to snap a few family photos….as this family is growing! Heather is due with baby girl #3 this weekend!!!!! So happy for them….and cant wait to meet the new little one!

Robert + Heather….you know how much we love you. I just wanted to get this blog post up…to remind you what you mean to us. Thank you for being dear friends…and I love that it’s for forever. xoxo

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